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Carn Dûm was the capital of Angmar established in the west point of the Mountains of Angmar, near Mount Gundabad in the Misty Mountains, it was inhabited by the Witch-king and his many servants. From here he based his attacks on the three realms of Arnor in the early Third Age, quickly managing to coerce or destroy the men of Rhudaur, and later also those of Cardolan and Arthedain.



The Witch-king founded Carn Dûm sometime around the year 1300 of the Third Age. He used it as his realm's capital and central base in his war against Arnor. After conquering Rhudaur and Cardolan, the armies of Arthedain with the help of the Elves managed to make the armies of Angmar withdraw to Carn Dûm. Arthedain fell in the Battle of Fornost in TA 1974, but the Witch-king was routed by Glorfindel and in TA 1975 Angmar itself fell under an assault by the Dúnedain of Gondor, led by Eärnur, the survivors of Arnor, and the Elves of Lindon. Carn Dûm was utterly destroyed, and is not mentioned again after this time.

After being rescued by Tom Bombadil from the clutches of a Barrow-wight while crossing the Barrow-downs, Merry briefly recalled being attacked by the Men of Carn Dûm, presumably briefly sharing the memory of the Barrow-wight.[1]


The meaning of Carn Dûm is unspecified. Carn is most likely shortened from Sindarin caran, meaning 'red'. Dûm is not an Elvish term, but is seen in the Dwarvish name Khazad-dûm, meaning it means 'halls, mansions', and this fits neatly for a mountain fortress or citadel. Mount Gundabad, which was nearby, did have Dwarvish associations. Thus Carn Dûm could conceivably be a compound of Elvish and Dwarvish words (a prior example being Finrod Felagund), meant to mean "red mansions"

Portrayal in adaptations

Video games

Carn Dûm as depicted in The Lord of the Rings Online, being rebuilt by the resurgent forces of Angmar

Carn Dûm as depicted in The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

  • In The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Carn Dûm serves as the stronghold of Agandaûr, Sauron's Lieutenant bent on conquering the North of Middle-earth. It serves as the final level of the game, in which the heroes must infiltrate the fortress to face and destroy Agandaûr. After Agandaûr's defeat, the dragon Úrgost takes possession of Carn Dûm as his new lair.


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic كارن ضوم
Armenian Կարն Դօմ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Карн Дум
Chinese 卡恩督
Georgian კარნ დუმი
Hebrew קארן דום
Russian Карн Дум
Serbian Карн Дум (Cyrillic) Карн Дум (Latin)
Tajik Cyrillic Карн Дум
Tamil கார்ன டும்
Thai คาร์นดูม
Ukrainian Cyrillic Карн-Дум


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