Aragorn and Legolas, at Rohan's outskirt

Calenardhon was the first name of the plains of Rohan, when it was still a part of the kingdom of Gondor. The name, in Sindarin, means 'the Green Region' or 'Green Province,' and was an area of sparsely-populated grassy plains west of Anórien and north of the White Mountains.

This area of Gondor was of constant incursion, and, during the reign of the Steward Cirion, came under attack from the Balchoth. In order to drive back the invaders, Gondor called upon the Éothéod for aid; the horsemen, under Eorl the Young, were successful in vanquishing the enemy at the Field of Celebrant.

After the battle, what would become the people of the Rohirrim were ceded these lands by Cirion in return for their assistance in guarding the northern marches, as well as the Gap of Rohan, against invaders.[1][2]


Calenardhon was a Sindarin word that meant 'Green region'.[3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic كاليناردهون
Armenian Կալենարդոն
Belarusian Cyrillic Каленардон
Bengali কালেনারধোন
Bulgarian Cyrillic Каленардон
Chinese 卡蘭納宏
Georgian კალენარდონი
Greek Καλέναρντχον
Gujarati કાલેનાર્ધન
Hebrew קאלנארדון
Hindi कलेनर्धोन
Japanese カレナルゾン
Kannada ಕಲೆನಾರ್ಧನ್
Macedonian Cyrillic Каленардон
Marathi कालेनार्धोन
Mongolian Калэнардхон Cyrillic
Nepalese कलेनर्धोन
Persian کاله‌ناردون
Punjabi ਕੈਲੇਨਾਰਧੋਂ
Russian Каленардон
Serbian Каленардон (Cyrillic) Kalenardon (Latin)
Sinhalese කලෙනාර්ඩන්
Tajik Cyrillic Каленардон
Tamil கலேனார்தோன்
Thai คาเลนาร์ดอน
Ukrainian Cyrillic Каленардон
Yiddish כּאַלענאַרדהאָן


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