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Caldara is a Gondorian Hero created by Fantasy Flight games for the Lord of The Rings: The Card Game. Players can get her as a playable hero in The Blood of Gondor adventure pack.


From her appearance Caldara might be a noblewoman of Gondor (or one of the fiefdoms) as she wears a tiara on her head. Caldara's armor is only that of scale mail with shoulder guards and cloth. Her only weapon shown is a broadsword which she can used to defend herself if need be.

Card usage

In the card game, Caldara is largely associated with question and defending. Her best use is in decks that have two blue (spirit) hero with her; her ability is best to be used if she is about to die to sacrifice her for 3 allies (this is especially good with ally Prince Imrahil's ability "While there is a hero in your discard pile, Prince Imrahil loses the ally card type and gains the hero card type"). Caldara's willpower of 2 is good for her to be used for questing regularly. Her attack value of 1 is pretty weak for her to be used as an attacker regularly without buffs. Caldara's defense of 2 is good enough to use of her as a defender, however, her health of 3 does not last very long, and not many enemies have an attack value of 2 or less.