The Bruinen as depicted in The Lord of the Rings Online

The river Bruinen ("Loudwater") was a river in the region of Eriador which fed into the Mitheithel.


The Bruinen began with two tributaries in the Misty Mountains, one of them at the High Pass where Goblin-town was later dug. The river formed the eastern border of the Kingdom of Arnor and later the petty-realm of Rhudaur, south of which was Eregion (Hollin).

The southern arm of the Bruinen flowed through the deep valley where Elrond founded the elven village of Imladris or Rivendell. Elrond had some control over the river, as it would rise in anger if he had need to bar the way into Rivendell. Indeed it can be assumed that Vilya, the Ring of Air, allowed Elrond to maintain such power over the valley.

The Bruinen had only one point where it could be passed, a Ford near Rivendell. This Ford and by extension the river were called the Edge of the Wild.


When Thorin Oakenshield and Company ventured eastward to reclaim the Lonely Mountain (Erebor), they passed the Bruinen after their encounter with the Trolls, before they arrived at Rivendell.[1]

At the beginning of the War of the Ring, Frodo Baggins was raced on Glorfindel's horse, Asfaloth, towards the Ford of Bruinen, with the Ringwraiths in pursuit. At the Ford Frodo made his stand, and defied the Witch-king of Angmar. This lured the Ringwraiths into the Bruinen, and Elrond released a great flood, which took the form of horses made out of water. This flood killed the horses of the Ringwraiths, buying the Fellowship much time.

Portrayal in adaptations

In the first film of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it is at the Fords of this river that Arwen, bearing wounded Frodo on her horse, confronts the Nine Ringwraiths and eventually brings on the summoning of the flood that consumes them. She does so by chanting to the river in the Quenya tongue.


Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 布魯南河 A.K.A. 喧水河
Czech Bruinen A.K.A. Bouřná
Danish Bruinen ("De Støjende Vande")
French Bruinen A.K.A. Sonoronne
Italian Bruinen A.K.A. Rombirivo
Portuguese (Brazil) Bruinen A.K.A. Ruidoságua
Portuguese (Portugal) Bruinen A.K.A. Água Barulhenta
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Bruinen A.K.A. Sonorona

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