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Bronwyn was a woman from the village of Tirharad, in the Second Age.


Bronwyn grew up in the village of Hordern, and at some point moved to Tirharad, though her family remained. At some point, she became the mother of Theo and worked as Tirharad's healer. During this time, she fell in love with the Silvan Elf Arondir, though they kept their affection secret because of the negative sentiment towards the Elves.

Bronwyn and Arondir at Tirharad well - TroP

Bronwyn gives alfirin seeds to Arondir

After sharing a brief moment with Arondir at the village well, Bronwyn returns home while Arondir meets with his superior officer Revion, learning that the Elves have been recalled from the Southlands. Arondir comes to Bronwyn's home to break the news, but is interrupted when Tredwill arrives, asking her to examine his cow. Arondir sees that a foul black substance comes from the cow's udders, and, learning that it had pastured near Hordern, leaves to investigate. Bronwyn insists on accompanying him, though the two find the village to be burned, and its inhabitants gone. Arondir goes to investigate further, while Bronwyn runs back to Tirharad to warn her kinsmen, though few take her seriously. She soon acquires proof, however, when an Orc scout attacks her and Theo in their home via a tunnel dug underneath. Barely surviving, Bronwyn takes the Orc's head to Waldreg's tavern, galvanizing the village to move.

Bronwyn leads Tirharad's inhabitants to the empty watchtower of Ostirith, along with people from other nearby villagers who had heard of the danger. Stores soon run low, however, prompting Theo and Rowan to return to the village to forage for supplies, against her wishes. Theo become beleaguered when Orcs return to the village, and is only saved by Arondir's return from captivity at the hands of Adar. Bronwyn fears the worst and rushes to meet them, and nearly perishes save for Arondir's bravery and the rising of the sun.

Bronwyn and Theo before battle - TRoP

Bronwyn comforts Theo before the impending battle

Learning of the message Adar had sent with Arondir that the Southlanders must submit to him or be destroyed, Bronwyn argues against accepting. Waldreg takes the opposing position, and leads around half of those in Ostirith to swear fealty to Adar. When Theo reveals the dark sword-hilt he had found, and Arondir reveals it was what Adar desires, Bronwyn wishes to hand it over, but is persuaded not to by Arondir, who proposes instead that the remaining villagers retreat to a distance before Adar's forces arrive, and then collapse the tower on them. This is successful, though Adar survives, and leads his troops back to Tirharad while Bronwyn's people make preparations to fight. Brutal conflict ensues, though the villagers initially win, only to realize the first wave had been their fellow villagers who had followed Waldreg. In the first moments of the second assault from Adar's experienced forces, Bronwyn is pierced through the shoulder by an arrow, and carried inside the tavern, which the survivors barricade. Arondir and Theo remove the arrow and cauterize the wound, causing Bronwyn to pass out from pain. The Orcs soon break in, and Adar, demanding the sword-hilt, threatens to kill Bronwyn. Theo surrenders the hilt's location in order to save his mother, just as sounds of the coming Númenórean cavalry come.

Brownyn meets Míriel - TRoP

Bronwyn meets Queen Regent Míriel

By the time the Orcs are defeated, Bronwyn has recovered enough to stand, and is commended for her courage by Queen-regent Míriel, who had arrived with the Númenóreans. Míriel introduces her and the other villagers to Halbrand, who laid claim to the Southlands kingship. Just then, both Númenórean and Southlander are surprised by the sudden eruption of Orodruin, which sends forth a cloud of ash. Bronwyn survives the eruption and made her way to the camp with Arondir, where she is reunited with Theo. Afterwards, speaking to Míriel and Elendil, Bronwyn decides to lead her people to Pelargir.


Behind the scenes

Bronwyn's character was created for the TV series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and is thus non-canonical. She was portrayed by Nazanin Boniadi. She will not appear in the second season as Boniadi stepped away from acting in 2022.[1]


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