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Brodda was an Easterling lord who ruled Dor-lómin for a while. He took Aerin as his wife, and was later killed by Túrin Turambar.


Brodda was a lord of the Easterlings. He usurped the lordship of Dor-lómin after Húrin was captured, and Morwen had since left the area. He married Aerin sometime after that. A little while before the coming of 499, the First Age, Brodda was involved in a battle that took place inside the hall of his own grandious home. He was ultimately slain by Túrin in his rage.


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic برودا
Bulgarian Cyrillic Брода
Chinese 布洛達
Gujarati બ્રોડ્ડા
Hebrew ברודה
Japanese ブロッダ
Nepalese ब्रोड्डा
Russian Бродда
Serbian Брода (Cyrillic) Broda (Latin)
Tamil ப்ரோடா
Telugu బ్రోడ్డా