This article is about the bridge itself. For the chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, see The Bridge of Khazad-dûm.
"Suddenly Frodo saw before him a black chasm. At the end of the hall, the floor vanished and fell to an unknown depth. The outer door could only be reached by a slender bridge of stone, without kerb or rail, that spanned the chasm with one curving spring of fifty feet....They could only pass across it single file. At the brink Gandalf halted and the others came up in a pack behind."
The Fellowship of the Ring, "The Bridge of Khazad-dûm"

The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, also known as Durin's Bridge, traversed an enormous delved pit of Khazad-dûm in Moria.

The Bridge was located nearby the East-gate of Moria, fifty feet long, narrow with no railing, and curved slightly upward at the center. It was an ancient defense against any enemy who might get past the Dimrill Gate (the east gate) and capture the First Hall and outer passages; walkers on the bridge could only cross it in single-file.[1]

History Edit

"You cannot pass," he said. The orcs stood still, and a dead silence fell. "I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass."
Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring, "The Bridge of Khazad-dûm"

On January 15, 3019, the Fellowship of the Ring came to the Bridge of Khazad-dûm pursued by Orcs and a Balrog of Morgoth. Gandalf stopped on the Bridge, standing in the middle of the span, allowing the others to escape. He leaned on the staff in his left hand and held the sword Glamdring, gleaming cold and white, in his right. The Balrog stepped onto the Bridge, facing Gandalf, and the shadow about it reached out like two vast wings. It raised its whip, and the thongs whined and cracked. Fire came from its nostrils. But Gandalf stood firm and declared that the Balrog could not pass. They fought, and the Balrog's sword was destroyed. Then the Balrog leaped full upon the Bridge, and Gandalf lifted his staff and smote it upon the bridge. His staff shattered, but the Bridge cracked at the Balrog's feet. The stone broke and fell, taking the Balrog with it into the abyss, but the thongs of its whip snared Gandalf about his knees, and he too plummeted with the Balrog into the depths of the mountain. Gandalf had cried to the Fellowship, "Fly, you fools!", and was gone.[2] It is unknown whether the Bridge was later rebuilt.

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Brug van Khazad-dûm
Albanian Ura e Khazad-dûm
Amharic ኽሃዛድ፡ዱም መካከል ድልድይ
Arabic جسر خزاد-دوم
Armenian Կամուրջ Խազադ-դւմ
Azerbaijani Khazad-dûm körpü
Basque Khazad-dûm zubia
Belarusian Cyrillic Мост Khazad-dûm
Bengali খাহ্জাদ-দুম সেতু
Bulgarian Cyrillic на моста на Хазад-дум
Catalan Pont de Khazad-dûm
Cebuano Tulay sa Khazad-dûm
Chichewa Mlatho wa Khazad-dûm
Corsican Libri di Khazad-dûm
Croatian Most Khazad-duma
Czech Most Khazad-dûm
Danish Bro af Khazad-dûm
Dutch Brug van Khazad-dûm
Esperanto Ponto de Khazad-dûm
Estonian Khazad-dûmi sild
Faroese Brúgv av Khazad-dûm
Finnish Khazad-dûmin silta
Filipino Tulay ng Khazad-dûm
French Pont de Khazad-dûm
Frisian Brêge fan Khazad-dûm
Galician Ponte de Khazad-dûm
Georgian ხიდი ხჰაზად-დუმ
German Brücke von Khazad-dûm
Greek Γέφυρα του Χαζαδ-δυμ
Gujarati ક્હઝદ્-દુમ ના બ્રિજ
Haitian Creole Pon de Khazad-dûm
Hausa Gada na Khazad-dûm
Hawaiian Alahaka o Khazad-dûm
Hebrew בגשר של קהזד-דום
Hindi खजद-दुम का पुल
Hmong Choj ntawm Khazad-dûm
Hungarian Khazad-dûm hídja
Icelandic Brú af Khazad-dûm
Indonesian Jembatan Khazad-dûm
Irish Gaelic Droichead na Khazad-dûm
Italian Il Ponte di Khazad-dûm
Japanese カザド=ドゥーム橋
Kannada ಖಾಝಡ್-ಡುಂ ಬ್ರಿಡ್ಜ್ ಆಫ್
Kazakh Cyrillic Кһазад-дум көпірі
Korean 크하잣둠의 다리
Kurdish پیرا جی خهازاد-دووم (Arabic script) Pira ji Khazad-dûm (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Кhазад-дум көпүрөсү
Latin Khazad-dûm de ponte
Latvian Tilts no Khazad-dum
Lithuanian Tiltas Khazad-dûm
Luxembourgish Bréck vu Khazad-dûm
Macedonian Cyrillic Мостот на Кхазад-дум
Malagasy Tetezana ny Khazad-dûm
Malay Jambatan Khazad-dûm
Malayalam ഖജദ്-ഡും എന്ന പാലം
Maltese Pont ta 'Khazad-dûm
Maori Piriti o Khazad-dûm
Mongolian Cyrillic Кhазад--дум гүүр
Nepalese क्हज़द्-दउम को पुल
Norwegian Bro av Khazad-dûm
Pashto د پل خهازاد-دوم
Persian پل خهازادءدوم
Polish Most Khazad-dûm
Portuguese Ponte de Khazad-dûm
Romanian Pod de Khazad-dûm
Romansh Punt da Khazad-dûm
Russian Мост Хазад-дûм
Samoan Alalaupapa o Khazad-dûm
Scottish Gaelic Drochaid de Khazad-Dum
Serbian Мост Кхазад-Дум (Cyrillic) Most Khazad-dûm (Latin)
Sesotho Borokho ba Khazad-dûm
Shona Bhiriji pamusoro Khazad-dûm
Sinhalese ඛජද්-දුම් පාලම
Slovak Most Khazad-dûm
Somalian Buundada ee Khazad-dûm
Spanish El Puente de Khazad-dûm
Sudanese Sasak ti Khazad-dûm
Swahili Daraja la Khazad-dûm
Swedish Bro av Khazad-dûm
Tajik Cyrillic Пулҳо аз Кҳазад-дум
Tamil காசட்-தும் பாலம்
Telugu ఖాజాద్-డం యొక్క బ్రిడ్జ్
Thai สะพานคาซัด-ดูม
Turkish Khazad-dûm Köprüsü
Ukrainian Cyrillic Міст Кгазад-дум
Urdu پل خهازادءدوم
Uzbek Кҳазад-дум кўприк (Cyrillic) Khazad-dûm ko'prik (Latin)
Vietnamese Cây cầu của Khazad-dûm
Welsh Pont o Khazad-dûm
Yiddish בריק פון כאַזאַד-דומ
Yoruba Afara ti Khazad-dûm

References Edit

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