Bree-land was a region of Eriador located between the Midgewater Marshes and the Barrow-downs.


Bree-land was a lowland area with a hill and a small forested area in its northeastern part. The climate was moderate with warm and moist prevailing winds from the Sea. The prevailing language of the land, as far as is known, was Westron.

Bree-land was about twenty-five miles in diameter. Normally it could be approached via the Great East Road coming out of the Shire in the west, and from the Greenway from north or south.

The township of Bree lay within this land. Other villages were Combe, Staddle, and Archet, homes to a mixed population of both Men and Hobbits.[1][2][3]



Bree-land as depicted in The Lord of the Rings Online

The area was settled in the Second Age by Men from Dunland. Surviving the wars and chaos of that time, it became part of the kingdoms of Arnor then Arthedain and then maintained a certain independence with the unknowing protection of the Rangers of the North. After the War of the Ring, Bree-land became part of the Reunited Kingdom and presumably prospered well into the Fourth Age.[4]

Portrayal in adaptations

The computer game The Lord of the Rings Online gives its own broader definition of Bree-land. The game counts Buckland, Old Forest, Midgewater Marshes, and the Barrow-downs as within its boundaries.

Map - Bree-Land

Map of Bree-land from The Lord of the Rings Online

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Catalan País de Bree
Chinese 布雷蘭
Czech Hůrecka
Dutch Breegland
Estonian Voore-regiooni
Finnish Briimaa
French Région Brie
Hungarian Brí-vidék
Italian Terra di Brea
Japanese ブリー 郷
Latin Bree-terra
Norwegian Briland


Portuguese Terras de Bree
Spanish Tierra de Brea
Swedish Briland
Turkish Bree ülke


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