Bree-hill was a prominent hill in Bree-land on which stood the majority of the village of Bree.


Location of Bree-hill as drawn in The Atlas of Middle-earth

It was located between Chetwood forest and the great ring of the hedge and dike that protected Bree, and was about one-and-a-half miles in diameter.[1] Both Men and Hobbits lived there.


Most houses of Men on the hill were faced west and were closest to the Great East Road, while Hobbit-holes were further east and closest to Combe and Staddle. There was an unnamed road that branched out from the Great East Road within Bree near the North-Gate, running uphill along the houses and hobbit-holes, curving in a switchback and then ending.

The famous inn of the Prancing Pony stood at the foot of its northwestern slope, near the road that led to the West-Gate of Bree.[1]


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