Borondir, also known as Borondir Udalraph, was a Man of Gondor.

Biography Edit

Borondir was a skilled rider from out of Minas Tirith, descended from the Northmen of Rhovanion who entered Gondor in the noontide of that realm. Borondir and five other messengers were charged with bringing Cirion's message requesting aid from the Éothéod led by Eorl the Young, the Lord of the Éothéod after Gondor was in danger of being overrun by the Balchoth, in TA 2509. His company set out on the tenth day of Súlimë with the Red Arrow and a stone bearing the Seal of the Stewards and rode north along the Anduin. All of his companions were slain save for him and after fifteen days without food, he finally came to Eorl on the twenty-fifth of Súlimë and delivered the message despite being weakened near to dead.

After recovering himself, he decided to ride with Eorl to war on the sixth day of Víressë.[1] He led a charge across the Limlight in aid of Cirion whom he died defending in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. He deeds before and after the battle left him greatly mourned by both the Éothéod and Gondor and was laid to rest in the Hallows of Minas Tirith. He was remembered in the song Rochon Methestel.[2]


The name Borondir means "Steadfast Man" (boron: "steadfast, enduring", dir: "man"). His surname "Udalraph" means "the stirrupless", it refers to his qualities as a rider because he didn't need stirrups, whilst a normal rider of Gondor did.[2]

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ቦሮንዲር
Arabic بوروندير
Armenian Բորոնդիր
Belarusian Cyrillic Борондір
Bengali বরনদীর
Bulgarian Cyrillic Борондир
Burmese ဗောရောန္ဒိရ္
Georgian ბორონდირი
Greek Μπορονδιρ
Gujarati બોરોંદિર
Hebrew בורונדיר
Hindi बोरॉनडिर
Kannada ಬೊರೊಂಡಿರ್
Kazakh Борондыр (Cyrillic) Borondır (Latin)
Korean 보론 디르
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Борондир
Japanese ボロンディール
Macedonian Cyrillic Борондир
Marathi बोरोंडिर
Mongolian Cyrillic Борондир
Nepalese बोरोन्डिर
Pashto بوروندیر
Persian بوروندیر
Punjabi ਬੋਰੋਂਦਿਰ
Russian Борондир
Sanskrit बोरोन्दिर्
Serbian Борондир (Cyrillic) Borondir (Latin)
Sinhalese බෝරොන්ඩීර්
Tajik Cyrillic Борондир
Tamil போராண்டிற்
Telugu బోరోన్డీర్
Thai บโรโนดิร ?
Urdu بوروندیر
Ukrainian Cyrillic Борондір
Uzbek Борондир (Cyrillic) Borondir (Latin)
Yiddish באָראָנדיר


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