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Bori was a dwarf from Lonely Mountain that met with Gimli and Gloin on the road to Mirkwood in TA 3017.

Portrayal in adaptations

He also fought alongside Dain and Thranduil at Dol Guldur. In TA 3018 he attended the Council of Elrond and disagreed with Gimli over the fate of the ring. He then travelled with Gloin, Glorfindel, Faldor, Fari and Nari over the High Pass. He fought the wolves on Aban Gando and saved three elves from a stone giant. In TA 3019 Bori took part in the defense of Lonely Mountain, helping Dain and Gloin hold the Ninth Hall. He died in TA 3067.


This dwarf is not from Tolkien's writings; only a video game character.

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