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Bodruith was an Indrafang (Longbeard) Dwarf, of the kindred of the Nauglith. He was the Lord of Belegost and was one of the wicked dwarves who appeared in the The Book of Lost Tales. He was killed by Naugladur when starting a war between the two clans of Dwarves.

Canon Edit

In association with bod- ‘back, again’ GL has the words bodruith ‘revenge’, bodruithol ‘vengeful (by nature)’, bodruithog ‘thirsting for vengeance’, but these were struck out. There is also gruith ‘deed of horror, violent act, vengeance’.—It may be that Bodruith Lord of Belegost was supposed to have received his name from the events of the Tale of the Nauglafring.[1]

In the published Quenta Silmarillion this character was replaced with Azaghâl of the Broadbeams. Taking Christopher's explanation into account, its possible that his real name was Azaghal but he earned Bodruith after words. But the entire story was never told.

Indravangs "longbeards" appear in Beren and Lúthien (2017) however very little information about Belegost appears in the story.

References Edit

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