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CHtianya7766 CHtianya7766 1 September 2023

Behind the Fictional World of LOTR

I read LOTR for the first time as a child. Can't really remember if I even finished it, but I do remember all the different kinds of characters. The good and the evil. Just another fantasy, I thought at that time. It was not until I read it again during the pandemic did I realize the value in this book. LOTR is a shadow of Tolkien's own experience with WWI. I can hardly imagine the hardships he went through and his determination in creating this series after seeing all of his friends leave him. At the time when I was reading the book, I was in a quite depressed state. Nothing was working in my life. But then I read about the way Tolkien described nature. He called for attention to the natural sceneries during the Fellowship's hardest time.…

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Eivorr Eivorr 21 June 2023

Lotr Viki Turkey Ownership

Herkese selamlar. Ben Eivorr, uzun süredir fandom ile ilgileniyorum. Gördüğüm kadarıyla Lotr Türkiye Wikisi aktifliğini kaybetmiş ve ihmal edilmiş durumda. Bu büyük bir markaya yakışmayacak bir durum. Bu wikiyi yeniden canlandırmak için sahiplenmeye adayım. Şimdiden herkese başarılar diliyorum.

Hello everyone. I'm Eivorr, and I have been involved in fandom for a long time. It seems that the Lotr Türkiye Wiki has lost its activity and has been abandoned. Such actions are not fitting for such a big franchise. I am willing to take ownership of this wiki to revive it. I wish everyone success in this endeavor.

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Étiolles Étiolles 3 April 2023

Women's History Month - Women in Tolkien's World

Although the month is officially over, better late than never to blog about this interesting topic.

Many Tolkien fans already know that there are few women in this universe. Nevertheless, quality and quantity are not always linked: that doesn't stop there being very interesting female characters in this vast universe. Let's get to the heart of the matter by introducing these extraordinary women.

  • 1 A powerful and independent elf: Galadriel
  • 2 A neglected woman: Erendis
  • 3 A hobbit who believes in her dreams: Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot
  • 4 Conclusion

Galadriel is an iconic character in both the books and the movies. Despite the fact that she lived surrounded by brothers, this did not stop her from developing into an independent woman (an elf even). From the…

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Char-ColeYT Char-ColeYT 4 February 2023

The Rings of Power: an overall review

The Rings of Power was Amazon's newest addition to The Lord of the Rings franchise. As of writing this, only the first season has been released.

This does contain spoilers.

  • 1 Overall Feelings
    • 1.1 Galadriel and the Elves
    • 1.2 The Dwarves
    • 1.3 The Harfoots
    • 1.4 The Numenorians and the Southlands
    • 1.5 The Orcs
    • 1.6 Conclusion

How did I feel about the show? I felt that, while the show does compress the canon timeline and add characters independent of other works by Tolkien, this show was really well done. I feel that this show was able to accomplish what it set out to do; The world building and action scenes were expertly produced. The cinematography is great and each actor and actress preforms their character to their greatest; They really make the characters com…

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Belegs Belegs 31 December 2021

Work in Progress

Trying to create a page for the LotR fan film Horn of Gondor under

then link the page on Horn of Gondor existing page (about the actual object and it's appearance in canon and adaptations)

Currently I just added the info on this existing object page and linked to the actual movie there, that link needs to move to

a Horn_of_Gondor(fan film) page (under fan films>H), which is what should be linked on the object page, under film> fan film sections (maybe

adding category 'fan film' there too?

The film is about Borondir and his quest, in which the Horn plays an important role. The page on Borondir already mentioned the fan film very briefly.

The fan film page should be linked there as well.

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DCMC52616 DCMC52616 28 January 2021

Newbie Needs Help

Hey I’m pretty new at this whole thing so it would be pretty cool if you guys could help ad some stuff for my page. It would mean a lot because I care about attention to detail and know others see more and better than me. Please lend a hand if you can.

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Nimwen Arinyanar Nimwen Arinyanar 20 September 2020


I have been writing a story of a time long before the time of Sauron's domination.

The story sets two Maiar falling in love despite the different background they came from.

However, I named them Nimeria and Lomion. I have just found out, after much researching of the Silmarillion, that Lomion turned out to be a name of Maeglin. If I continued with my Maiar named Lomion, would it be alright? Would there be licenses for the name? And how could I distinguish the two apart for my readers' better understanding?

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Tolkien.books Tolkien.books 12 June 2020


“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”

-One of my favourite quotes of J.R.R. Tolkien!

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HungarianMapper17 HungarianMapper17 4 December 2019


I am new and I have a question. Are we allowed to share fan fiction in the blogs? or is there another wikia to do that?

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HiddenVale HiddenVale 25 October 2019

Commentary on LOTR:T3A game

This text was originally a part of the article for the game LOTR: The Third Agebut has been moved here for its opinions and unencyclopedic tone.

  • 1 Good commanders
  • 2 Evil commanders
  • 3 Good heroes
  • 4 Evil Heroes
  • 5 Additional Heroes
    • 5.1 Good Additional Heroes
    • 5.2 Evil Additional Heroes
  • 6 The Fellowship of the Ring:Chapter 1/3
    • 6.1 Mission from Rivendell
    • 6.2 Darkness upon Bree
    • 6.3 Attack on Fangorn
    • 6.4 Conquest of Osgiliath
    • 6.5 Flight from Moria
    • 6.6 Amon Hen
    • 6.7 Balin's Tomb

At the start of the game you can choose between these heroes and the Evil characters.

Aragorn - High HP, perfect Morale, Great CP, high Attack, average Range, high SP. Aragorn specializes in destroying the enemy personally, using Sweep Attack and Arms Mastery to slay any creature of Mordor or Isengard tha…

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Mirkwoordrelm Mirkwoordrelm 19 September 2019

Introducing ME

Hello! Or Mae G’ovannen! Im Caelin or Mathuron, and here are some things/facts about me

1.i AM a friend of gandalf 2. My favorite movie is the Fellowship of the ring 3. I hated frodo alot in The return of the king 4. I ship Aralas

I have alot of respect for writers, for i am one to. but im not very advanced writer. For the experience with writing I currently have i wrote fan fictions for people whom requested it.

Ps. I know that Mirkwood isn’t a realm im sorry for any confusion.

Goodbye dear reader(s) untill our next meeting

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The Friend Of Elves The Friend Of Elves 5 March 2021

I built some LOTR Structures in Minecraft, in Miniature!

Hello! My name is Elvin which ruffly translates into The Friend Of Elves. I really like Tolkiens Universe so I decided to build some of the famouse structures from Middle-Earth in Minecraft but not only that, in Miniature! I hope you enjoy and I know they are really off with the proportions, you'll have to forgive me! 

It didn't take me that long but everything is built by hand (noticeable) and Mordor was the hardest in my opinion and I am kind of disappointed in the result (So much emptiness and only flat ground, I'll work on it...) 

Minas Tirith was a challenge and I know it's not really seven levels as it is but you know, everything can't be perfect!

The Shire is actually just one Hobbit Hole which I'm really proud of and I think it looks …

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TheRogue12 TheRogue12 8 April 2019


I finally found it.

The Lord of the Rings Wiki.

Hewwo, I just joined! :3

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Godzillavkk Godzillavkk 6 April 2019

Original characters and liberites in Amazon's Lord of the Rings

I hate to rain on the parade of Tolkein purists, but since everything about the Second Age in the books reads more like a history or myth book, there's a ton of blank spaces to be filled in. That means that much of the cast is probably going to be made up of original characters not found in Tolkein's books who have stories of their own, which juxtapose with what is found in his books.

For example, there could be a soldier of the The King's men who while he believes that Men are better off independently, distrusts Sauron. And is also lucky enough to be on guard duty at the docks while Ar Pharazon is sailing to the undying lands. Thus saving him from Numenor's destruction.

Or a female Eregian Elf who suspsects something is out of place when Sa…

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HiddenVale HiddenVale 20 January 2021

"Wicked Dwarves" exposition by user Baggins

This text was formerly an article; moved to a blog for its rambling and overextensive nature.

The Wicked dwarves were the few dwarves who fought (or were rumored to have fought) on the side of Morgoth, and later Sauron, or in alliances with Orcs and goblins during the first three ages of the world.

The term may also refer to those dwarves who were viewed with suspicion and viewed as evil or influenced by the Shadow by others (due to gossip, rumors, stories, etc), though were actually on the side of good or at least neutral.

'Treacherous Dwarves' also appear in the 2016 publication Beren and Lúthien.

  • 1 Background
    • 1.1 In Other Media
  • 2 See Also
  • 3 References

All dwarves had been created by Aulë, he who was said to be most like Melkor in thought and powers Wh…

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Miiohau Miiohau 12 February 2019

Better ring protection methods

Over the years I have been thinking on how the fellowship could have done it better and I don't mean using the eagles. I have heard various arguments about why that wouldn't work. Namely, it would give up stealth and the so-called eagles are actually fairly high up on the middle earth hierarchy of beings so the ring is more dangerous in their hands. To avoid making to many assumptions. I will make only these two. 

1. Middle Earth has at least a medieval level of technology

2. Hobbits are among the safest (if not the safest) carriers of the ring. So they will be our ring bearers.

Even with just these two, there are a number of ways to do it safer:

1. Exchange the ring between bearers periodically. This helps in two ways. First, it splits the ri…

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HiddenVale HiddenVale 6 October 2018

"Maps of Arda" exposition by user Roac's Wife (relocated)

The following text was initially written as an article, and has been moved here. The text and images are from user Roac's Wife.

A little while ago I was commissioned to make a number of maps of Arda for an upcoming Atlas of Tolkien.

The maps were to cover all of Arda, from the beginning of time within Tolkien’s legendarium, to the start of the Fourth Age at the end of The Return of the King. In the end the author and I were very pleased with these maps, and all was good to go – but at the very last moment all of the images but one were pulled from the book, for legal reasons. The author was no less disappointed than I was.

I kept them all secret for a long time, but I think now it’s best to put them up here as nothing more than fan artwork. A…

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NightSpeakers NightSpeakers 21 August 2018

More Info on Tolkein

I've never edited this wiki, but I was looking around and I wanted to give you a piece of information that I couldn't find. So, at school, Tolkien had four friends. Further info is on this video: here at the school in which he grew up. With them, he formed a club called the TCBS which stands for:

  • Tea
  • Club (and)
  • Barrovian
  • Society.

These friends would drink tea in the school library and sometimes at the Barrovian store (hence the name) in Birmingham. They would discuss books/literature and this is almost definitely what inspired the 'Fellowship of the Rings'. Another friend he shared was Robert Gilson (son of the head at the time) who died in the war and there is even more about him here

I hope this helps your wiki and I wish it the best! Any more…

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HiddenVale HiddenVale 18 August 2018

"History of Tolkien Fandom"

This is an exposition of the history of Tolkien fandom, not written by me. It was relocated from the article to a blog because of the text's resemblance to a school essay or journalist commentary.

  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Mainstream and media fans
    • 1.2 Organized Tolkien Fandom
  • 2 Internal categories
    • 2.1 Movies
    • 2.2 Books
    • 2.3 Languages
  • 3 Effects of the films
  • 4 Highly debatable issues
  • 5 Fans today

The major divisions of Tolkien Fandom can best be explained in a chronological context.

Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) was published in 1954 and The Hobbit prelude in 1937, and bootleg paperbacks eventually found their way into colleges in the U.S.A. in the 1960s. The "hippie" following latched onto the book, but a great many did so for possibly misguided reasons; some openly st…

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 31 July 2018

10 Good Reasons why The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy is better than the Star Wars Film Series

Good Day to You, Fellow Tolkienite! Today I compiled a list of reasons why The Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars.

  1. The Lord of the Rings won 17 Oscars to Star Wars' 7 (The Return of the King alone won 11, including "Best Picture". No Star Wars film has ever won "Best Picture".).
  2. It is evidenced that fans are more satisfied with LotR and Hobbit films than with Star Wars films, as The Lord of the Rings has a higher average of IMDb ratings than Star Wars (you can calculate for yourself, if you wish at here: I also used two lists of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films respectively, although the Star Wars list was missing Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story.).
  3. Th…
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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 30 June 2018

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers CR - 09. Refuge Of Helm's Deep

The Refuge of Helm's Deep is the beautiful piece Howard Shore created for that part in The Two Towers (movie) when the aftermath of the battle with Saruman's wargriders is observed. It is an amazing piece, as is all of the music from The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. ;)

"ℌ𝔦𝔰 𝔏𝔬𝔳𝔢 𝔑𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔉𝔞𝔦𝔩𝔰!" (𝙻𝚎𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝙼𝚎 𝙰 𝙽𝚘𝚝𝚎) 21:13, June 30, 2018 (UTC)

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 26 June 2018

The Two INFPs of Fantasy: Lucy Pevensie vs. Frodo Baggins

Mae Govannen, Dia Duit, and Grace to you and Peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! Below is a poll of two of fantasy's greatest INFPs according to the MBTI: Lucy Pevensie from C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia and Frodo Baggins of The Lord of the Rings! Which INFP character do you like better?

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Gringo300 Gringo300 19 June 2018


I don't know if it's possible to move the address of a Wikia wiki, but, if possible, I think this wiki's address needs to be moved to, for what I think is an obvious reason.

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 25 June 2023

On Creating LOTR Style Text in GIMP

Hello, Fellow Tolkienians! I have this free program called GIMP 2.10, which has many of the features of Adobe Photoshop. Anyway, I've looked for a tutorial on making LOTR style text, to no avail. Does anyone know a good tutorial on that subject?

His Love Never Fails! Namárië! - J.S. Clingman (My User Talk) from 𝕸𝖞 𝕷𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖑𝖊 𝕳𝖔𝖑𝖊 𝖎𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖗𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖉. 19:31, June 2, 2018 (UTC)

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 8 May 2018

On The Issue of Magic in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (from a Christian's perspective)

Here is a blog post I wrote on the role of magic in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. It is a bit ancient, I must admit; however, here it is, and please tell me your thoughts on it. - J.S. Clingman (talk)

"As a gigantic Tolkien fan and a Christian, I was inevitably confronted by the issue of magic in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, which have been rendered as motion pictures ever since the early 2000s, and ever since have been some of the most famous and highest-grossing films in the world.

   Some Christians wonder whether the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit are fit for the viewing of one who adheres to Christianity on account of the “magic” that is used by Wizards (Istari), powerful Elves, and the like; for it is well known that the Bible i…

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80sFantasyMoviesAreTheBest 80sFantasyMoviesAreTheBest 5 March 2018

hilarious video

I have just started reading LOTR and I remembered this song I found on youtube a while back

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Radionatix Radionatix 1 March 2018

Ancalagon Roars

Hey guys! I want to share a video for the Wiki and for all Tolkien fandom!

Suscribe to my channel if you want me to make tolkien creatures roars

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TheSilverLord TheSilverLord 20 February 2018

Have You Ever Wondered?

Hey Guys, Have You Ever Wondered If There Are Other Wraith Lords Like Celebrimbor? It's Totally Plausible. Tell me what you think?

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Lilacsong1 Lilacsong1 13 February 2018

About me

Hi, everyone. My name is Lexi, and this is my first blog post. I love LOTR and the Hobbit, well, obviously, if I'm on this page. My favorite characters are Legolas and Eowyn, because they're just plain awesome! I own extended editions of all the movies, and watch them whenever I can. I also have read the hobbit several times since I was 11, although it sucks that Legolas and Tauriel aren't in the book. I am currently listening to the LOTR audiobook, since the book is just so dang hard to read! I am writing a fanfic about a made-of character of mine, Legoriel, Legolas's sister, but I don't know if I'll finish it. FYI, I'll probably change her name before I'm done. I'll be inserting a lot of LOTR pics on this blog, some cool wallpapers, and …

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Speedy567 Speedy567 29 September 2017

Looking for this edition of Lord of The Rings

so i've been looking for this specific cover (artwork letters and all) to no prevail. I have found other covers with the same artwork by the letters aren't golden and the title is presented ugly. So I'm wondering if one of you guys can link me to somewhere to where i can buy this EXACT copy. Thank you!

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Hulk10 Hulk10 1 September 2017

Smaug's fire

I suspect that in the movie Smaug doesn't have fire in him, but rather the fire starts in his mouth and the fuel is inside him.

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Hulk10 Hulk10 30 August 2017

Smaug with six limbs

I think that if Smaug had four legs and 2 wings he could probably fold them in a manner similar to a bird.

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Blackvault1 Blackvault1 3 August 2017

Help with editting?

I found that on the Sauron wiki page it says that Celebrindor was the elvish forgemaster that help Sauron make the rings of power. It is clearly a mistake where they meant to put Celebrimbor but I am unable to edit it because the page is protected. Can anyone help? Im new :p

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 6 May 2017

My previous non-canon stuff on here - Delete or Keep?

Hey yall.

So I'm just looking back at my work on here, well with my blogs that I posted that were non-canon and such. With that said, I did remember a while back I would possibly move them to the Fanon Wiki, but now that I look back at them... should I really move them to the Fanon wiki? I mean I'm not saying I ain't proud of them or anything, but I dunno. It'd be really interesting to see what you guys have to say, but if majority do agree on relocating all of my non-canon works onto the Fanon wiki, then I'll do my best to do so.

- Alex.

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Gringo300 Gringo300 6 March 2017

The Silmarillion

I need to reread The Silmarillion.

I feel like I didn't understand it very well when I read it.

I didn't understand the various subgroups of Elves very well.

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Netya Netya 21 February 2017

a magpie's nest is closing down

The website is an important source for anyone interested in the elven lyrics that go with the musical score of the movies. However, the site close down in April. May I suggest that you take the content under your wings?


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Ghidorathulhu Ghidorathulhu 13 August 2023

Fellowship of the Ring - Main Antagonist? (Wiki Update)

Sauron is the main antagonist of The Lord of the Rings. He is also the main antagonist in Return of the King, with Gollum as the secondary antagonist and the Witch-King as the tertiary antagonist. However, Saruman is the main antagonist of The Two Towers.

Can anyone inform me who the main antagonist of Fellowship of the Ring is, Sauron or Saruman, to update the wiki? I personally think it is Sauron as the story is more about him and he has a bigger role, like in Return of the King (about his final attack on Middle-earth) and unlike in Two Towers where Saruman has more of a role.

Who is the main antagonist of Fellowship of the Ring, Sauron or Saruman?

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TheSlovakPatriot TheSlovakPatriot 18 August 2016

Lord of the Rings Map Game

Hello guys,

As I see many Tolkien fans on this site, I was thinking whether we would create a Map Game. It works so that at first we post a map and then players in turns make changes and make steps to change the situation. Please do not be overtly implausible.

I guess we should put the Map Game on either Fanon wiki or other fan site as not to "ruin" the encyclopedia look of this site.

Proposed map:

  1. Gondor
  2. Mordor
  3. Rohan
  4. Isengard
  5. Lórien
  6. Dol Guldur
  7. Eryn Lasgalen
  8. Erebor
  9. Dale
  10. Umbar
  11. Iron Hills
  12. Khand
  13. Lindon
  14. Harnen
  15. Imladris
  16. Rhun/Balcoth
  17. Eriadoran Dúnedain+Breeland
  18. Bellakar
  19. Shire
  20. Dunland
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Knakveey Knakveey 1 July 2016

Nominate Your Community - Fantasy Food

Hey there!

Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our 4th annual battle is coming up in a few weeks, and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate!

Click here to nominate a food from your community. The top 64 nominations will battle it out in Round One, which launches Monday, July 18.

We'd love to see a new variety of fantasy foods this year, so if your community won a past battle, we encourage you to submit different foods. Only new submissions will be considered, so get creative, and rally your community for votes!

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Scott Arimus Scott Arimus 12 January 2016

I need a little help here - Looking for a specific Tale

I've been digging and hunting throughout all my books but I cannot for the life of me find once more the tale that was sung of even if shortly in the Lord of the Rings, I believe in The Fellowship when they came into Lothlorien. A tale I remember so little of so apologies for the very rough edges and scarce detail: From what I remember which I believe is but the end of the tale is a man searching for his love, he builds ship and sails far and wide but is doomed never to reunite with her. I feel I have butchered the Tale and apologies if any who read this cringed, but it's all I've got. If anyone could help me out possibly with a page number and/or chapter I would be most grateful indeed. -S

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HiddenVale HiddenVale 25 December 2015

A Greatness of Tolkien's writing

Here is an clever excerpt out of The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings by Peter J. Kreeft - which I thought all avid readers of the trilogy might find interesting.

Emboldenings from me, not the author.

"Every story, long or short, has five dimensions. They are usually called its 1) plot, 2) characters, 3) setting, 4) style, and 5) the theme. We could call them, respectively, the story's (1) work, (2) workers, (3) world, (4) words, and (5) wisdom. "Philosophy" means "the love of wisdom". So a story's philosophy is one of its five basic dimensions.

Which "dimension" sold The Lord of the Rings? All five. To be great, a work of art must be great in not just one dimension but all, just as a healthy body needs to be h…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 20 December 2015

Songs of the Lore

I've always been intrigued by the songs Tolkien came up with for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy and often wondered what they would sound like if they were sung aloud. It doesn't seem he would be that musically endowed to be able to come up with unique melodies for each song so it wouldn't surprise me if he never had tunes in mind when writing these songs.

Although I am happy that Peter Jackson had some songs adapted, there's still plenty of songs in the books that have yet to receive musical adaptations. That said, I've gone on a quest to seek out musical renditions of his songs and so far I haven't turned up much. I'll update this blog when I find more as I'm sure the fanbase is far from finished in trying to render these son…

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Garycrafterman Garycrafterman 17 December 2015

Possible Update Ideas

Hello, im Garycrafterman.

Ive been playing the LOTR mod for a while now and ive used this wiki alot, and i would like to propose some ideas about the updates. I was looking through the planned updates and thought that i may be able to assist. I myself would really like to see iconic movie strutures in the bets .26 update. On the planned updates, siege weapons was listed. If the creator of this mod wants to implament it you should probobaly contact the ancient warfare mod creator, that mod includes siege weaponry, gates, and also randomly spawning villages, which with the cutom buildings could be used in different areas of the world, such as rohan or gondor. An update suggestion I have would be with the siege weapons (which can have npc oper…

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 12 December 2015

Which death was more satisfying?

For one, we have the supreme evil in the series who is main villain throughout all six films (even though he shared this with Smaug and Azog in The Hobbit), extremely shadowy and menacing, and one of the most evil Dark Lords even more so than Palpatine and Voldemort put together, who is essentially Middle Earth's equivalent to the devil, and is nearly impossible to kill for a number of reasons. If it wasn't for Gollum, he would have won.

For another, we have the most annoying and pointless character, one of the snobbiest and greasiest characters in the series, who wasn't even in the book and was seemingly put there as the Middle Earth equivalent of Jar Jar Binks, only much meaner. Seemingly he got off a karma houdini (unlike his master), un…

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Gringo300 Gringo300 4 December 2015


I rewatched The Return Of King.

Now I'm burned out again.

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Gringo300 Gringo300 30 November 2015


I watched the three Peter Jackson-produced Hobbit movies and I rewatched the first Peter Jackson-produced Lord Of The Rings movie.

Produced, directed, whatever.

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PeterZoll PeterZoll 23 October 2015

Boromir's Journey

Page 264 of the Unfinished Tales remarks in passing that "the courage and hardihood required" of Boromir to make his journey from Minas Tirith to Rivendell "ws not fully recognized in the narrative". Boromir himself remarks (page 239 FotR) that it took 110 days and that it covered (page 365) 1200 miles. Are the following points worth discussion:

1. It seems odd that the heir to the Stewardship would leave without a riding horse, a pack animal or an escort. There is no mention that he has a bow and arrows (hence no hunting), a spear or any other weapons besides a sword and shield.

2. It is hard to imagine that he would have to walk 400 miles to Edoras without being detected by the Rohirrim. They do loan him a horse at some point. Presumably, …

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MrHobit1234 MrHobit1234 13 October 2015

Questoin about Umbar

Where does it say that Aragorn conquered it in the fourth age?

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Gringo300 Gringo300 12 October 2015


I finished reading The Lost Road And Other Writings.

I'm going to have to take a break from reading Tolkien for a while. Honestly, I'm just plain burned out on his works right now.

I think I'm going to take a break from reading fantasy in general for a while.

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Gringo300 Gringo300 8 October 2015

The Lost Road And Other Writings

I'm almost through reading The Lost Road And Other Writings.

The multiple different conceptions of Tolkienian Elves and Tolkienian Elvish languages in the The History Of Middle-Earth series has been very confusing to me. I was especially confused about the references to Gnomes and Gnomish at first.

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