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Birchseed was an Ent of Fangorn Forest.

Portrayal in adaptations

The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game

Birchseed attended the Entmoot of the Third Age. At that time, there had not been an Entmoot since the Second Age. Birchseed had a large, fat nose with a twig growing out of it. He was called "Eldar Shepherd and a "Tall Statesman". Birchseed was a Birch Ent and was royal and slender. Birchseed helped Treebeard come to the conclusion that the Ents must go to war. Together, Treebeard, Pippin, Merry, Birchseed, and the Ents went to war against Saruman the White. The Ents were angry because Saruman was burning down their Trees. The Ents flooded Saruman's land of Isengard. Birchseed Eldar Shepherd lived in Isengard thereafter.[1]



The name Birch refers to the tree Birch. The meaning of the Seed part is not known. It could mean that Birchseed planted many seeds. The Eldar phrase means that Birchseed is old, for he was over 1,000. The Shepherd part indicates that Birchseed helped Treebeard herd the Huorns.


Birchseed was a The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game character and does not appear in the books.



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