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Berethor is one of the six main characters of The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (game). Following Boromir, Captain of the Guard of Minas Tirith, he fights his way through the game. Berethor, along with Hadhod, Morwen, and Idrial, also appear in the EA's The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II as pre-made custom heroes.

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age characters Edit

Before he jumped into the adventure of The Third Age, Berethor was the captain of the guard of Gondor, the twin brother of Beregond, also a captain of Gondor. He fought with Boromir and Faramir in Osgiliath and fled together with them. Called unworthy to fight for Gondor, he was banished by the Steward of Gondor, Denethor. After Boromir left for Rivendell, Berethor went after him...

During the adventure, Berethor will get new weapons and skills, and he falls in love with Idrial, (an Elf-maiden of Lothlórien). They meet a few other soldiers and kinsmen who join them, including a Dúnedain Ranger named Elegost, and a Dwarf Warrior from Erebor named Hadhod. He gets to know more and more about his (and his companions') past. Then, Berethor meets a Rohirrim shield-maiden named Morwen. Again Berethor falls in love, this to the frustration of Idrial. Finally, he meets Eaoden, a spearman in Theoden's Royal Guard. At the end, Berethor will go with Morwen to start their own adventure. However, it is possible that Berethor, along with the rest of his company, died at the end of the game. The final battle was with Sauron, atop Barad-dûr. The cutscene after the battle showed Barad-dûr collapsing. It is possible that the company was still atop the tower when it was destroyed, and Aragorn tells Berethor that they were to march upon the Black Gate, a short time before the ring was destroyed. And with Barad-dûr being over 5000 feet tall, they would have had no time to escape the tower.

Chapter One - Eregion Edit

Journey to Rivendell Edit

At the start of The Third Age, the player follows the journey of Berethor, as he follows Boromir to Rivendell. While Boromir sits at the council, Berethor is ambushed by a group of Nazgûl, who were probably seeking to assail Boromir. Berethor fights bravely, but is overcome and wounded by the Nazgûl. Before they can deliver the killing blow, however, Idrial rushes to his aid, subduing the Nazgûl with water magic. She then revives him with a gift of the elves, after which Berethor declares himself in her debt. They then set off to an elven way-station to heal his wounds and equip him for the long road ahead...

The mountain pass Edit

In the mountain pass, Berethor and his elven companion came upon a ranger called Elegost. After clearing the pass full of Wargs and Orcs, they set upon a quest to track down a mordor orc and his band, who stole a map from Elegost. At first the Gondorian didn't trust the ranger and vice versa, only Elegost gained some trust in the Gondorian after Idrial voiced for him, in name of the lady of the light. After the group rescued the elven altars from corruption and finding the map, they went back down the mountains, in search of Elegost's friend.

The journey to Erebor Edit

When they got back down, Elegost tracked his dwarven friend and the group was able to find him, deadlocked in a battle with a troll. Thanks to Berethor's sword the party could withstand the troll's fury. Following the fellowship, the party set out for Erebor.

Chapter Two - Western Erebor Edit

The Entrance Halls and Mine Galleries Edit

The Fellowship encounters the Watcher in the Water just before and after they enter Moria. Both times, Idrial and Hadhod use their abilities (respectively), and Elegost uses his deadly arrows to defeat the Watcher. The first time, the Watcher gets angry and destroys the rubble blocking the gateway into Moria, allowing the Fellowship to flee inside. The second time, they actually succeed in defeating it. Hadhod is devastated when entering Moria, and vows to get revenge on those who destroyed it. A little while in a true cave-like section of Moria, they discover a chest with one of seven ancient runes, which supposedly lead to a great treasure. In the mine galleries, they fight and slay an Orc Shadow Chieftain. Hadhod and Elegost discover a map that leads to the great Mithril pit of Moria, and soon Berethor's party set off, fighting many Orcs along the way. Unlike the Fellowship of the Ring, who was forced into Moria and desperate to find a way out as quickly as possible, Berethor's party is willing, almost eager to discover Moria secrets (at the urging of Hadhod). They plan to take their time to discover Moria secrets.

The Necropolis and the Right Path Edit

Berethor's Company soon arrives at a huge necropolis, and begin searching the small chambers in the great halls. Many of these chambers contain ambushes by Orcs but Berethor and his party soon defeat them all. During the search they discover two more ancient runes. The Party then arrives at the Crossroads that the Fellowship had previously reached. After brief deliberation and rest, the party decides to choose the right path (which leads downward). This path leads to the great Mithril Pit of Erebor. The Fellowship, seeing a way out in the far distance and collecting another rune in a chest, make their way to the far area. Before they can get there, however, a Dwarf body falls to the ground in front of them. Gandalf scolds Pippin (high up in the Chamber of Mazarbul), and Idrial picks up a key presumably leading to the Throne Room. The Balrog soon makes its appearance. It doesn't see Berethor's party, but it does smash the path leading to the exit. This alerts the Orcs and ambush the Company, surrounding them. The Company fortunately survive, and make their way back to the necropolis despite four more attacks. The company has now discovered the truth about what happened in Moria, but they are still willing to explore its various secrets...for now.

The Throne Room Edit

After escaping back to the Necropolis, the Company proceed to the left path. This leads to an immense cavern consisting of high walls/ceiling and a pit, which is spanned by a mighty bridge. While crossing, they are occasionally ambushed by Orcs. After the Company enter the Antechamber (again being ambushed by Orcs and discovering an ancient rune), they cross to the Throne Room. This particular room is held by an archer, a warrior, and a mighty Orc sorcerer, called a Orc Shadow Commander. The Company defeats this attacking party and reads Moria's Book of Secrets, using the key they found on the Dwarf body. An ancient door with symbols is discovered, and a key to some ancient sealed door revealed. The Company then checks an adjacent room, finding the last axe forged from Moria stolen by orcs and another ancient rune. After brief ambushes, they make their way safely back across the huge pit cavern and back to the necropolis.

The Left Path - Tomb of the Ancients Edit

There is only one path left for Berethor's Company, the Left path. This leads to the final ancient rune. The Company slay all the Orcs in the area, and use the runes to open up the tomb. Inside, there is a suit of ancient armor made by the Dwarves from Moria. Hadhod decides to wear it. There is a sealed door a little to the left, and Idrial incites the spell written on the Book of Secrets. The ancient door opens, and the Company proceeds to the halls of Dwarrowdelf.

Halls of Dwarrowdelf Edit

While viewing the majesty of these ancient halls, the Company slowly make their way across, fighting Orcs and opening various treasure chests. At the end of the road lies the entrance to the Chamber of Mazarbul. The Company enter inside only to find five Orcs. After a fierce battle, all the Orcs are successfully slain.

Eastern Moria Edit

Chamber of Mazarbul Edit

Berethor's company enter the now-deserted Chamber of Mazarbul, seeking an escaped orc. The orc jumps right in front of them, ready to attack, but the Balrog suddenly breaks in the eastern wall of the tomb. The company instantly hides in various parts of the tomb, while the orc is crushed by the rubble the Balrog had caused. The Balrog then leaves seeking Gandalf, and Idrial warns that the Company must find him first.

Crossing the Dwarrowdelf Edit

Berethor and his company being making their way to the door at the opposite end of the Dwarrowdelf hall. They begin discussing the sheer might of the Balrog, while escaping various Orcs, including another surrounding fight. Along the way, they discover various treasures including Balin's Walking Axe. When they reach the end of the hall, they make their way through to find a huge chasm spanned with small bridges.

The Mighty Chasm Edit

Company proceeds over the chasm, defeating any Orcs they encounter. At a huge chamber they see a Dwarf statue. Hadhod vows to avenge the dwarves honor, and Idrial promises to help clear out the Orcs. A Goblin archer sees them, but they kill him before they warn the others. After a bit Idrial almost falls into the chasm, but Berethor saves her. They proceed up the stairs into a different part of the Dwarrowdelf.

Attacking the Orcs Edit

Soon afterwards, the Fellowship proceeds to find a different way out of Moria, destroying many Orc rituals and gatherings along the way. Their first challenge comes when they arrive at an ancient Balrog altar, where a Shadow Commander is a ritual for the Balrog. The Fellowship slowly defeats the shaman and moves on. Their next challenge is a Orc drummer, who summons more Orcs from the depths. After slaying him, they proceed to the ancient Mausoleum of Erebor. Berethor and his company eventually makes it to an ancient chamber, where they slay many Orcs and find ancient treasure.

Escaping Moria and Battle with the Balrog Edit

With increasing desperation and hope, the Company proceeds towards the same chasm, though now with access to the Bridge of Khazad-dum. During their escape, they discover an ancient golden Lorien helm. They see Gandalf battling the Balrog and rush to help. When they arrive, they prepare to battle. Knowing that their own chances of survival are very small, Berethor and his company mainly use their skills to weaken the Balrog and support Gandalf, while Gandalf does the actual work attacking the Balrog with his "Bolt of the Valar". After a long time, the Balrog is finally defeated and both he and Gandalf fall into the chasm. The Company hurries to escape Moria, finally fleeing its dark halls and Orcs.

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Abilities Edit

Berethor is the "leader" of the company, which is the reason he is the only person to have Leadership Skills. His primary skill, though, is Sword Craft, which allows him to use powerful attacks that stack with his already high strength rating.

Later in the game, Berethor acquires a handful of swords with the Biting Blade ability as well as several with the Weeping Blade ability. These abilities replace his normal Attack. Weeping Blade does damage over time, while Biting Blade gives some of the damage Berethor inflicts on his opponent back to him in Health Points (similar to Eaoden's Drain Health). Weeping Blade and Biting Blade also replace Berethor's Counter Attack. This is very useful; when Berethor is attacked, his counterattack allows him to gain some of his lost health back.

Sword Craft Edit

Guardian Strike A slightly more powerful attack
Orc Bane Increased damage against Orcs. Slight turn penalty.
Shattering Strike Lowers the target’s armor rating.
Counter Attack Allows Berethor to counterattack an enemy’s melee attack.
Citadel Rage Two-strike attack.
Uruk-hai Bane Increased damage against Uruk-hai.
Ecthelion Wrath Three-strike attack.
Defensive Strike An attack that cannot be counterattacked.
Targeted Strike Ignores enemy armor.
Stunning Strike Inflicts Stun on the target.
Gondor Rampage Five-strike attack.

Leadership Edit

Company Might Increases damage done by the party and increases effectiveness of Fellowship and Royal Grace.
Company Valor Increases the Dexterity of all allies and lowers the Dexterity of all enemies.
Stand Fast Makes the party immune to Stun for the duration of the battle.
Fellowship Grace Grants the party AP regeneration over time.
War Call Makes two active allies attack the target immediately, without AP loss.
Company Resistance Decreases Spirit damage done to the party by 25%.
All Retreat Makes the entire party retreat from battle.
Company Rally Increases the Perfect Mode Momentum gained.
Royal Grace Grants the party HP regeneration over time.
Shield of Courage Makes the party immune to Fear and removes all negative statuses from the party.
Last Gasp Whenever an ally with more than 1 HP would be killed by an attack, that ally remains at 1 HP instead of dying.
War Cry Makes three active allies attack the target immediately, without AP loss.
Company Power Forces all of the party’s physical attacks to be critical hits.
Captain's Inspire Reduces the party’s AP cost for all attacks by 50%.

Passive Skills Edit

Citadel Might Increases Berethor’s Strength.
Ithilien Inspire When in Perfect Mode, the AP costs for all of Berethor’s attacks are reduced by 25%.
Rising Valor Increases Berethor’s maximum AP.
Gondorian Evade Allows Berethor to dodge enemy attacks.
Challenge of Gondor Increases Berethor’s melee damage against Taunted foes.
Increased Armor Increases Berethor’s armor rating.
Immune to Fear Makes Berethor immune to Fear.
Citadel Evasion Increases Berethor’s chance of dodging enemy attacks.
Double Attack Enables the use of Double Attack.
Ecthelion Might Increases Berethor's maximum HP.

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