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The hall, as drawn by J.R.R. Tolkien

Beorn's Hall was the home of Beorn during the Third Age.


The hall was located near the Carrock, in the land between the Anduin and Mirkwood.[1] It was made of wood, with two long wings and a south-facing veranda. An assortment of outlying buildings and beehives surrounded the hall, as well as a belt of ancient oaks and a thorn-hedge which provided security.[2]


In the year TA 2941, Thorin and Company, led by Gandalf, came to the hall in search of shelter following their escape from a pack of wargs. Beorn granted their request, and provided the company with supplies and guidance before their departure into Mirkwood. Some months later, following the Battle of Five Armies, Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins returned and stayed through the winter as Beorn's guests.[3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Danish Beorns sal
German Beorns Gehöft


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