The Bay of Eldamar was the greatest bay in Aman.

History Edit

When the Ñoldor and Vanyar came to Aman, this is where they landed. Later when the Teleri came, Ossë begged Ulmo to set Tol Eressëa in the Bay of Eldamar and Ulmo (in the older versions of the Legendarium and in the Roverandom, a host of whales centering Uin the great Right Whale also) did this. But when the Ñoldor longed to see their kin again, Manwë commanded Osse to teach the Teleri the art of ship-making, and grievously he did this. Then the Teleri built the ships and with the help of the swans, they came to Aman. And there on the bay of Eldamar they built their new home Alqualondë, the Port of Swans.

An age before, the Ñoldor and the Vanyar made their home in Eldamar. The Valar brought down a small section of the Pelori and raised the hill of Túna. On that hill the Ñoldor, with the aid of Aulë, built the city of Tirion the Fair. Through this opening in the mountains the light of Calacirya spread out and filled the Bay of Eldamar. When the Ñoldor wrought gems they also spread them throughout the great land.[1]

Eärendil, the Half-elven anchored his ship Vingilot in this when visited Valinor to plead to the Valar for aid for the Free Peoples against Morgoth.[2]

Etymology Edit

Eldamar means Elvenhome in Quenya.[3]

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References Edit

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