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Battle of the trestlespan

Battle of the Trestlespan was a battle between the Rangers of the North and the forces of Angmar.


When Angmar came to the North Downs in the early days of the War of the Ring, the Witch-king of Angmar's forces swept through the unsuspecting lands with a terrible speed. They razed farms and towns alike and none could stand before them. With the Rangers of the North absent, the people of the North Downs were forced to stand alone or flee. Angmar's ultimate goal was Bree-land, once Bree was taken the north would be as good as theirs. Though the servants of Angmar didn't intend for the people of Trestlebridge (the southern-most village in the North Downs) to fight as fierce as they did. Lead by an adventurer, the brave men and women of Trestlebridge fought off an entire invasion force of Angmar and Orcs for hours, outnumbered, and outmatched. Miraculously, though some slipped through the defenses and town was set aflame, the defenders held the bridge known as the Trestlespan. Angmar would never got as close to controlling the north as they did that day.


This battle was not in books and was invented solely for The Lord of the Rings Online game.[1]



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