"Those that looked up from afar thought that the mountain was crowned with storm. Thunder they heard, and lightning, they said, smote upon Celebdil, and leaped back broken into tongues of fire. Is not that enough? A great smoke rose about us, vapour and steam. Ice fell like rain. I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin."
Gandalf the White

The Battle of the Peak was the climax of the fight between Gandalf the Grey and the Balrog (Durin's Bane) atop Zirakzigil after they ascended the Endless Stair from the depths of Moria.


War of the Ring

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After their fight at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, Gandalf and the Balrog both fell into the deep chasm. Gandalf was burned by the Balrog's fire on the way down, then almost froze in the water at the bottom. He pursued his foe for days through dark tunnels, and then all the way up the Endless Stair to the top of Durin's Tower in the living rock of Zirakzigil, where the two engaged in a two-day long battle at the pinnacle of the Silvertine above the clouds. They fought in a narrow space upon Celebdil, above the mists of the world. The sun shone fiercely, but all below was wrapped in cloud, so that anyone watching from below would think they saw flashes from lightning and heard thunder. A great smoke of vapor and steam rose about them, and ice fell like rain.

There they fought until at last Gandalf threw down his enemy, and the Balrog broke the mountain-side as it fell. Then darkness took Gandalf, and he passed away. The battle had left Durin's Tower in ruins and caused the destruction of the Endless Stair. The entire battle, from the confrontation on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm to the mutual demise of the Balrog and Gandalf, had taken ten days.

"Then darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time, and I wandered far on roads that I will not tell."
Gandalf the White.

Gandalf's body lay on the peak for nineteen days, until he was resurrected by Eru and sent back to Middle-earth alive to complete his task. For three days he lay in a trance, until he was found by the Windlord Gwaihir and carried to Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien, where he was healed and clothed in white, and thus became Gandalf the White, more powerful than ever before.[1][2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Slag van die Piek
Albanian Beteja e Majës së Malit
Amharic የተራራ ጫፍ ውጊያ
Arabic معركة قمة البرج
Armenian Լեռնային գագաթին պայքարում
Belarusian Cyrillic Горная вяршыня бітвы
Bengali পাহাড়ের লড়াই
Bosnian Bitka za Vrh
Bulgarian Cyrillic Битката за Върха
Catalan Batalla del Pic
Chinese (Hong Kong) 頂峯之戰
Croatian Bitka za Vrh
Czech Bitva o Vrchol
Danish Slaget på bjergtinden
Finnish Taistelu Huippu
Dutch Slag van de Piek
Esperanto Batalo de la Pinto
Estonian Lahing Tippu
French Bataille de la Crête
German Schlacht an der Spitze
Gujarati પર્વત શિખર યુદ્ધ
Haitian Creole Batay nan Pikwa nan
Hebrew קרב הפסגה
Hindi चोटी की लड़ाई
Hmong Sib ntaus sib tua ntawm lub ncov
Hungarian Csata a csúcs
Icelandic Orrustan við Hámarki
Igbo Agha nke elu
Italian Battaglia del Picco
Irish Gaelic Cath ar an Bhuaic
Japanese ピークの戦い
Kannada ಪರ್ವತ ಶಿಖರದ ಯುದ್ಧ
Kazakh Тау шыңдары шайқасы (Cyrillic) Taw şıñdarı şayqası (Latin)
Korean 피크의 전투
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Тоо чокусу согуш
Latin Bellum Apicem
Latvian Kaujas Pīķa
Lithuanian Mūšis Smailės
Macedonian Cyrillic Борбата на Врвот
Malagasy Ady 'ny tendrony
Malaysian Pertempuran di Puncak
Maltese Ġlieda tal-quċċata
Mongolian Cyrillic Оргилын тулаан
Marathi शिखरावरची लढाई
Norwegian Slaget ved Toppen
Nepalese पहाड चोटी युद्ध
Persian کوه بالا نبرد
Pashto باټلې وف تهې پېاک
Polish Bitwa pod Szczytem
Portuguese Batalha do Pico
Punjabi पर्वत शिखर लढाई
Querétaro Otomi Ar Hñäki jar Cima
Romanian Bătălia de Vârf
Russian Битва при Пике
Scottish Gaelic Cath na Mullach
Serbian Битка на врхуc (Cyrillic) Bitka na Vrhu (Latin)
Sinhalese ශිඛරයේ සටන
Slovak Bitka pri Vrchole
Slovenian Bitka za Vrhunec
Somalian Dagaal ee ugu Xumaa
Spanish Batalla del Pico
Sundanese Perang tina puncak nu
Swahili Vita ya Kilele
Swedish Slaget vid Toppen
Tajik Cyrillic Батл аз қуллаи
Tamil மலை உச்ச போர்
Telugu పర్వత శిఖరం యొక్క యుద్ధం
Turkish Zirve savaşı
Ukrainian Cyrillic Битва на піку
Urdu باٹلے وف تهے پےاک ?
Uzbek Чўққисига Жанги (Cyrillic) Cho'qqisiga Jangi (Latin)
Vietnamese Trận chiến trên đỉnh Zirakzigil
Welsh Brwydr y Brig
Yiddish שלאַכט פון די באַרג שפּיץ
Yoruba Ogun ti awọn tente oke


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