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The Battle of the Firth of Drengist was a battle of the War of the Jewels between the forces of Morgoth and the forces of the Ñoldor of Hithlum.


Almost one hundred years after the Dagor Aglareb, Morgoth, believing that Fingolfin's watch was weak, chose to attack him from the west instead of from the northeast. Coming down from the cold north where no elf would dare enter, they came down the coasts of the Beleriand following the route of the exiles long ago and entered the Firth of Drengist, hoping to take them by surprise but they were espied before they could do so. The Ñoldor, led by Fingon easily defeated them and drove the survivors into the sea. Afterwards, Morgoth choose to achieve his ends by stealth biding his time and waiting until his strength was built before he ever attacked in force again.

The battle was relatively small compared to those of past and was historically considered to be relatively unimportant despite the victory.[1]

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Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Slag van die Firth van Drengist
Albanian Beteja e Gjykëderdhje lumi e Drengist ?
Arabic معركة فيرث من ضرينعيست
Azerbaijani Drengist Fiord vuruşması
Belarusian Cyrillic Бітва на Ферт-оф-Дренгіст
Bengali ডেঙ্গিস্টের মোহানা যুদ্ধ ?
Bosnian Bitka na Morski zaljev Drengist
Bulgarian Cyrillic Битка при Фърт ван Дрегист
Catalan Batalla del Fiord de Drengist
Chinese 專吉斯特峽灣的战斗 ?
Croatian Bitka za Ušće rijeke Drengist
Czech Bitva na Zálivu Drengist
Danish Slaget ved Drengist-fjord
Dutch Slag om de Zeegat van Drengist
Estonian Drengist lahing kiillaht
Filipino Labanan ng mga Firth ng Drengist
Finnish Taistelu Drengistin vuono
French Bataille de la Firth de Drengist
Frisian Slach oan de Fjord fan Drengist
Galician Batalla do Estuario de Drengist
Georgian ფიორდი ძრენგისთ ბრძოლა ?
German Schlacht des Fjord von Drengist
Greek Μάχη της Φιόρδ του Δρενγιστ
Haitian Creole Batay nan Firth a nan Drengist
Hebrew הקרב זְרוֹעַ יָם דרינגיסת ?
Hindi डेन्गेंस्ट के फर्थ की लड़ाई
Hmong Sib ntaus sib tua ntawm tus Firth ntawm Drengist
Hungarian Drengist folyótorkolat-i csata
Icelandic Orrustan við Fjörður af Drengist
Indonesian Pertempuran Muara Drengist
Irish Gaelic Cath na Caolsáile de Drengist
Italian Battaglia del Fiordo di Drengist
Latin Proelium apud Aestuarium Drengist
Latvian Kauja pie Fērto Drengist
Lithuanian Drengist estuarija mūšis ?
Macedonian Cyrillic Битка на Фирт на Дренгист
Malay Pertempuran Muara Drengist
Maltese Battalja ta 'l-Firth ta' Drengist
Marathi डेन्फिन्स्टेर ऑफ फर्थ ऑफ डेपरिस्ट
Nepalese ड्रेङिस्त को संकीर्ण सागर शाखा को लडाई ?
Norwegian Slaget ved Fjorden av Drengisten
Persian نبرد خلیج کوچک ضرهنگیست ?
Polish Bitwa nad Fiord Drengist
Portuguese Batalha do Estuário de Drengist
Romanian Bătălia de pe Estuar de Drengist
Russian Битва на Ферт Дренги
Scottish Gaelic Blàr an Linne de Drengist
Serbian Битка на Лиман од Дренгист (Cyrillic) Bitka na Liman od Drengist (Latin)
Slovak Bitka na Fjord Drengist
Slovenian Bitka na Estuarij Drengist
Spanish Batalla del Fiordo de Drengist
Swedish Slaget vid Drengist fjärd
Turkish Drengist Haliç Muharebesi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Битва на лиман з Дренґіст
Vietnamese Trận Cửa sông của Drengist
Welsh Brwydr y Aber o Drengist


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