The Battle of the Field of Celebrant was a battle which was fought at the Field of Celebrant in Middle-earth against the Balchoth, which soon led to the creation of the Kingdom of Rohan.


The ancestors of the Rohirrim were called to the aid of Gondor because they were attacked by the Balchoth, who frequently made raids on the eastern side of Anduin until the people left. Cirion learned from his spies that the Balchoth were gathering a great army to attack the province of Calenardhon on the west side of the river and the defence there was too weak for an attack. Cirion prepared to lead an army to Calenardhon and sent six riders to ask for help. The riders went through the Balchoth army and five perished while one named Borondir made it to the land of Éothéod and delivered his message. Eorl the Young realized that if Gondor fell soon his people may also fall, so he led 7000 riders and hundreds of mounted archers on the 500 mile journey to Calenardhon.[1]

The battle

The Balchoth had built many boats on the side of Anduin at the Undeeps of Calenardhon and came over and crossed the river and with their superior numbers overcame the forces on the west bank easily. Soon Cirion came with an army of reinforcements, but the Balchoth cut them off and drove them to the north over the Limlight to the Field of Celebrant and then a host of Orcs came and attacked Cirion's forces driving them to Anduin. When the situation looked bleak for Gondor, the Éothéod arrived and crossed the Undeeps into Calenardhon and came over to the Limlight to attack the Wainriders and the Orcs from the rear. This combined force of Gondor and the Éothéod drove the Balchoth across the Limlight then slew the invaders until Calenardhon was free.


Soon after the battle, the land was renamed Rohan and Eorl swore an oath to Gondor to aid them in future time of need.


Foreign Language Translated name
Albanian Beteja e fushës së kremtuesi
Belarusian Cyrillic Бітва вобласці Келебрант ?
Bosnian Bitka na Selebrant-polju
Bulgarian Cyrillic Битката на полето на Келебрант
Catalan Batalla del camp de Celebrant
Chinese 凱勒布蘭特平原之戰
Danish Slaget af Field of Celebranten
Dutch Slag van het veld van Celebrant
Esperanto Batalo de la Kampo de Celebrant
Filipino Labanan ng mga Patlang ng Celebrant
Finnish Juhlijan pellon taistelu
French Bataille du Champ de Célébrant
Galician Batalla do Campo de Celebrant
German Schlacht auf dem Feld von Celebrant
Greek Μάχη του Πεδίου του ιεροτελεστής
Hebrew קרב על שדה של חוגג
Hungarian A Celebrant területén csata ?
Igbo Agha nke Ubi nke Celebrant
Italian Battaglia del Campo di Celebrant
Japanese ケレブラントの野の戦い
Korean 켈레브란트 평원 전투
Latvian Kaujas lauka celebrant
Malaysian Pertempuran bidang Celebrant ?
Maltese Battalja tal-Qasam ta 'celebrant ?
Norwegian Slaget ved Celebrant jordet
Persian نبرد دشت‌های کله‌برانت
Polish Bitwa dziedzinie celebransa
Portuguese Batalha do Campo de Celebrant
Romanian Bătălia de domeniul celebrant
Russian Битва области Келебрант
Serbian Баттле оф тхе Фиелд оф Целебрант (Cyrillic) Bitka u oblasti Celebrant (Latin)
Slovenian Bitka na področju Celebrant
Slovak Bitka o pole Celebrantskom
Spanish Batalla del Campo de Celebrant
Swahili Mapigano ya Uwanja wa Celebrant
Swedish Slaget vid Celebrant området ?
Telugu సెలబ్రెంట్ యొక్క ఫీల్డ్ యుద్ధం
Ukrainian Cyrillic Битва області Келебрант


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