Battle of Sarn Athrad

Conflict: The War of the Jewels
Date: early sixth century First Age
Place: Sarn Athrad and the slopes of the Blue Mountains
Outcome: Defeat of the Dwarves of Nogrod
Laiquendi Dwarves of Nogrod
Beren Erchamion Lord of Nogrod†
An unknown number of Elves, Beren, and perhaps a hundred Ents An unknown number of Dwarves from Nogrod
Unknown, probably light The entire host destroyed
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The Battle of Sarn Athrad was a battle fought during the early sixth century of the First Age, at Sarn Athrad in the eastern Beleriand.

History Edit

After sacking the ancient Elven kingdom of Doriath, the Dwarves of Nogrod returning to Nogrod heavy laden and slowed by the spoils of their victory. Upon reaching Sarn Athrad, they were suddenly assailed by a foe they could not at first identify but as they climbed the river-banks of the Gelion, they saw that they were elves.

From the local woods, the Laiquendi of the Ossiriand led by Beren Erchamion and accompanied by his son Dior defeated the Dwarves with Beren slaying the Lord of Nogrod himself and taking the Nauglamír, the Necklace of the Dwarves from him.

The Dwarves that managed to escape the route attempted to climb the slopes beneath Mount Dolmed were waylaid by the Ents who lived in the woods next to the Blue Mountains, and destroyed.

This was Beren's last battle before retiring permanently to Tol Galen in the Ossiriand with his wife Lúthien.[1]

References Edit

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