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War of the Ring

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The Battle of Ithilien was a skirmish between the Rangers of Ithilien and a number of Haradrim warriors travelling to Mordor to aid Sauron.



The Haradrim, a race of Men from the land of Harad, south of Gondor, were traveling along the Harad road, heading for Mordor, as they had sworn allegiance to Sauron.


They were passing through Ithilien when suddenly arrows began falling amongst their ranks. Hooded men, the rangers of Gondor, led by Faramir son of Denethor, were shooting at them from behind trees and rocks. The Haradrim began to scatter as soon as the Rangers of Ithilien shot down one of their Mumakil. The Rangers pursued them until they had slain nearly all of the Haradrim. Some escaped but were hunted down later that night. A Mumakil escaped, and nothing was ever heard of what happened to it. Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee watched the battle raged from a nearby wooded hill, right before they were captured by the Rangers.[1]


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