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War of the Ring

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The Battle of Dol Guldur, or Fall of Dol Guldur, was one of the battles of the north fought during the War of the Ring. The Elves of Lothlórien and Mirkwood decided to attack and destroy the last remaining fortress of Sauron's servants in Rhovanion: Dol Guldur.


The Nazgûl who guarded the castle were absent, and its army had been defeated three times by the Elves of Lórien and also by Thranduil in the Battle Under the Trees. The actual manner of the battle is not mentioned, but the end is certain. On April 6, Galadriel came to the gates and through unspecified means cast down the walls, foul pits and crevices. The evil realm of Dol Guldur was finally destroyed and the forest was cleansed.

On the same day, Celeborn and Thranduil met in the midst of the forest and renamed it Eryn Lasgalen, "wood of green leaves". Celeborn took the land south of The Narrows for himself and named it East Lórien, while Thranduil took all the forest north of the Mountains of Mirkwood, the middle of the forest was given to the Beornings and Woodmen.[1][2]

Portrayal in adaptations

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II

The destruction of Dol Guldur in BFME II

The Battle of Dol Guldur takes place in the PC and Xbox 360 game The Battle for Middle-earth II as the final mission in the Good Campaign. Unlike its book counterpart, this battle has numerous differences. Elrond leads the battle instead of Celeborn, Glorfindel also is present along with Glóin (who have been paired up together in the game). Thranduil of Mirkwood also joins the fray along with Arwen and even Dáin II Ironfoot (which is quite noticeable as in the book he died in Battle of Dale Whereas in the game he survived) other differences include the defenses of the stronghold. Instead of Wargs and spiders, the Orcs are joined by Easterlings and Haradrim as well as at least one Mumakil.

The initial force consists of Elrond and many Elves and Dwarves. They destroy two Mordor camps and light signal fires. Soon Glorfindel, Glóin, and Dain arrive with Dwarven reinforcements, and Thranduil and Arwen arrive with Elven and Ent reinforcements. They then proceed to attack the stronghold, after pushing through numerous defences, they receive word that Sauron has become aware of the attack and has sent reinforcements to aid his forces already there. After defeating the reinforcements lead by three Nazgûl (Who retreat probably being summoned back to Mordor to fight in Battle of the Black Gate) The army is reinforced by several Great Eagles. With their aid, the Elves, Dwarves and Ents destroy most of the remaining forces of Dol Guldur, The Watcher, Wyrms. After slaying the dragon in command of the defense of Dol Guldur, Galadriel destroys the fortress, clearing the North of all evil. At the same time, Sauron perishes in Mordor as the Ring of Power is destroyed.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Stryd van Dol Guldur
Albanian Beteja e Dol Guldur
Arabic معركة دول غولدور
Armenian Դոլ Գուլդուր ճակատամարտը
Azerbaijani Dol Guldur uğrunda döyüş
Basque Dol Guldur gudua
Belarusian Cyrillic Дол Гулдурская аперацыя
Bengali দোল গুল্লুর যুদ্ধ
Bosnian Bitka za Dol Guldur
Breton Emgann Dol Guldur
Bulgarian Cyrillic Битка за дол Гулдур
Catalan Batalla de Guldur
Chinese (Hong Kong) 多爾哥多之戰役
Croatian Bitka za Dol Guldur
Czech Bitva o Dol Guldur
Danish Slaget om Dol Guldur
Dutch Slag bij Dol Guldur
Esperanto Batalo de Dol Guldur
Estonian Dol Guldur lahing
Filipino Labanan ng Dol Guldur
Finnish Dol Guldurin taistelu
French Bataille de Dol Guldur
Frisian Slach om Dol Guldur
Galician Batalla de Dol Guldur
Georgian დოლ გულდურ ბრძოლა (Battle of Dol Guldur)

დოლ გულდურის დაცემა (Fall of Dol Guldur)

Greek Μάχη του Ντολ Γκουλντούρ
Gujarati ડોલ ગુલાડર યુદ્ધ
Hebrew קרב דול גולדור
Hindi डोल गुलदुर की लड़ाई
Hungarian Dol Gulduri csata
Icelandic Orrustan um Dol Guldur
Indonesian Pertempuran Dol Guldur
Irish Gaelic Cath na Dol Guldur
Italian Battaglia di Dol Guldur
Japanese ドル・グルダー戦い
Javanese Paprangan Dol Guldur
Kannada ಡಾಲ್ ಗುಲ್ಡೂರ್ ಯುದ್ಧ
Korean 돌 굴 더르 전투
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Дол Гулдур согуш
Latvian Kauja par Dol Guldur
Lithuanian Mūšis dėl Dol Guldur
Luxembourgish Schluecht vu Dol Guldur
Macedonian Cyrillic Битка на Дол Гулдур
Malagasy Ady i Dol Guldur
Malaysian Pertempuran Dol Guldur
Maltese Ġlieda ta Dol Guldur
Marathi डोल गुल्दुर सी लढाई
Mongolian Cyrillic Дол Гулдур тулалдаан
Nepalese डोल गुलदुर युद्ध
Norwegian Slaget om Dol Guldur
Occitan Batalha de Dol Guldur
Persian نبرد دول گولدور
Polish Bitwą o Dol Guldur
Portuguese Batalha de Dol Guldur
Punjabi ਡੋਲ ਗੁੱਲਡਲ ਦੀ ਲੜਾਈ
Romanian Bătălia de Dol Guldur
Russian Штурм Дол Гулдура
Sardinian Battaglia de Dol Guldur
Serbian Битка од Дол Гулдур (Cyrillic) Bitka od Dol Guldur (Latin)
Sinhalese ඩොල් ගුල්දුර් සටනක්
Slovak Bitka o Dol Guldur
Slovenian Bitka za Dol Guldur
Samoan Taua o le Dol Guldur
Spanish Batalla de Dol Guldur
Swedish Slaget om Dol Guldur
Tamil டோல் குலத்துர் சண்டை
Telugu డోల్ గుల్దర్ యుద్ధం
Thai การต่อสู้ของโดลกูลดูลร์
Turkish Dol Guldur savaş
Ukrainian Cyrillic Битва Дол-Гулдур
Urdu جنگ کی داول گولڈور
Uzbek Дол Гулдур жанги (Cyrillic) Dol Guldur jangi (Latin)
Vietnamese Trận chiến Dol Guldur
Welsh Brwydr Dol Guldur
Xhosa Imfazwe yaseDol Guldur
Yiddish שלאַכט פון דאָל גולדור


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