The Battle of Azanulbizar, known also as the Battle of Nanduhirion, the Battle of Moria, or the Battle of Dimrill Dale, was the last battle in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs.

History Edit

The Battle of Azanulbizar was fought in the year TA 2799 at the eastern gate of Moria, and was between the Dwarves of all houses and the Orcs of the Misty Mountains.

It was the greatest battle of the War of Dwarves and Orcs, and was a decisive victory for the Dwarves. However, the battle claimed the lives of many, including Frerin, the second son of Thráin II, and the younger brother of Thorin Oakenshield. Fundin, father of Balin and Dwalin, also fell. Náin, son of Grór was slain in a fight with Azog, right outside the East-gate. Azog was then slain in turn by Náin's son Dáin Ironfoot.

After the Orcs were routed, Thráin II, heir of Durin, wished to enter and reclaim Moria after the War. However, the Dwarves of Durin's folk were too few, and the Dwarves of the other six houses believed that they did not have the strength to confront Durin's Bane, though none knew what it was.

The aftermath of the battle and the overall war resulted in devastating losses for all the dwarves involved, but virtually all of the Orcs infesting the Misty Mountains were destroyed, leaving only a handful left. This resulted in the Misty Mountains being relatively safer for the next two centuries. The Battle of Azanulbizar was also where Thorin earned the name "Oakenshield"; after his shield was broken during the battle, he cleaved a great branch from a nearby oak tree to use as both a shield and a bludgeon.

The Dwarves' losses were so great that it was impossible to bury all their dead, and instead the corpses were burned on funeral pyres. In later years, the relatives and descendants of these casualties would commonly say of their ancestor, "He was a burned Dwarf", a remark instantly understandable as a reference to Azanulbizar and the Dwarves who died there.[4]

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

The portrayal of the Battle of Azanulbizar in The Hobbit film trilogy was altered in several significant aspects from the account given in Appendix A of The Lord of the Rings, notably in the condensing of the battle's timeline.

The Hobbit Thorin vs Azog

Thorin Oakenshield vs. Azog

As shown in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and the extended edition of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, after Smaug had driven the Dwarves out of the Lonely Mountain, Thrór attempted to lead all of his people back to their ancestral realm in Moria only to find that the Gundabad Orcs, led by Azog, had gotten there first. Before going into battle, Thrór gave his son Thráin one of the Seven Rings of the Dwarves in case he was slain. If this occurred, his son would take his position as King of Durin's Folk. Leading a legion of Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and the Iron Hills, Thrór fought side-by-side with his son and grandson during the battle, and attempted to fight against Azog, but the giant Pale Orc darted aside and decapitated the King Thrór. Thorin witnessed his grandfather's death and attempted to avenge him, but Thráin stopped him and warned him that Azog the Defiler was meant to destroy the line of Durin. Refusing to allow his son suffer the same fate as Thrór, Thráin attempted to take down Azog himself, but the deadly Orc managed to take him down and steal the ring by slicing off his finger.


Azog dragged away in defeat in following the battle

While Thráin took 6000 Dwarven soldiers and warriors to lead a charge towards the Dimrill Gate and never returned, the rest of the Dwarf Army was driven back by the Orcs in a retreat that threatened to turn into a rout, with Orcs slaughtering the fleeing dwarves on the run. Thorin, hoping to rally his army, decided to face off against Azog in single combat. The Pale Orc easily overpowered him, relieving Thorin of his sword and shield. Thorin defended himself desperately with an oaken branch as a shield, and eventually managed to slice off Azog's left arm with his retrieved sword. The wounded Azog was then dragged back into Moria by his subordinates, and Thorin rallied the remaining dwarves, including Balin, Dwalin, Dori, Bifur, and Oin, against the remaining orcs and won a pyrrhic victory, defeating the Orcs but losing too many Dwarves to pursue them into Moria and reclaim it. Thousands of Dwarves were slain in the battle, and Moria would not be occupied. While Balin, Dwalin, Dori, Oin, and Bifur walked amidst the heaps of their slain kin, Thorin was told by several Dwarves that Thráin was gone as well. Thorin refused to believe it, and spent hours searching among the slain dwarves, to the last body, and finally realized that his father was not among the fallen. Azog had been presumed dead, dying of his injuries. However, as it was shown in An Unexpected Journey, Azog lived, and vowed revenge on Thorin.

Etymology Edit

Azanulbizar is a Khuzdul word meaning "Dimrill Dale".[5]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Slag van Azanulbizar
Albanian Beteja e Azanulbizar
Amharic የአዛኑልዚባር ውጊያ
Arabic معركة ازانولوبيار
Armenian Ազանուլբիզարի Ճակատամարտ
Azerbaijani Azanulbizar'in döyüş
Basque Azanulbizareko Gudua
Belarusian Cyrillic Баттле оф Азанулбізар
Bosnian Bitka kod Azanulbizar
Breton Emgann Azanulbizar
Bulgarian Cyrillic Битката при Азанулбизар
Catalan Batalla d'Azanulbizar
Cebuano Gubat sa Azanulbizar
Chichewa Nkhondo ya Azanulbizar
Chinese (Hong Kong) 南都西理安之戰
Cornish Batel a Azanulbizar
Croatian Bitka kod Azanulbizara
Czech Bitva u Azanulbizaru
Danish Slaget ved Azanulbizar
Dutch Slag bij Azanulbizar
Esperanto Batalo de Azanulbizar
Estonian Azanulbizari Lahing
Filipino Labanan ng Azanulbizar
Finnish Azanulbizarin taistelu
French Bataille de Azanulbizar
Galician Batalla de Azanulbizar
Georgian ბრძოლა აზანულბიზართან
German Schlacht von Azanulbizar
Greek Μάχη του Αζανούλμπιζαρ
Gujarati અઝાનુલબિઝારનું યુદ્ધ
Haiti Creole Batay nan Azanulbizar
Hebrew הקרב באזנולביזאר
Hindi अज़ानुलबिजर की लड़ाई
Hungarian Azanulbizari csata
Icelandic Orrustan Azanulbizar
Igbo Agha nke Azanulbizar
Italian Battaglia di Azanulbizar
Irish Gaelic Cath Azanulbizar
Indonesian Peperangan Azanulbizar
Kazakh Азанүлбізар шайқасы (Cyrillic) Azanülbizar şayqası (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Азанулбизар салгылашы
Kurdish Şer yên Azanulbizar (Kurmanji Kurdish)
Latin Bellum Azanulbizar
Latvian Kaujas Azanulbizar
Lithuanian Azanulbizar Mūšis
Luxembourgish Schluecht vun Azanulbizar
Malagasy Ady ny Azanulbizar ?
Malaysian Pertempuran Azanulbizar
Maltese Battalja ta 'Azanulbizar
Manx Azanulbizar y Caggee
Navajo Da-ah-hi-dzi-tsio Azanulbizar ?
Nepalese आज़नुल्बिज़र् को युद्ध
Norwegian Kamp av Azanulbizar
Pashto باټلې وف آزانولبیزار
Persian نبرد ازانولبیزار
Polish Bitwa pod Azanulbizar
Portuguese Batalha de Azanulbizar
Querétaro Otomi Hñäki ya Azanulbizar
Romanian Bătălia de la Azanulbizar
Romansh Bataglia Azanulbizar
Russian Битва при Азанулбизаре
Scottish Gaelic Cath de Azanulbizar ?
Serbian Битка код Азанулбизар (Cyrillic) Bitka kod Azanulbizar (Latin)
Sesotho Ntoa ea Azanulbizar
Slovak Bitka Azanulbizare
Slovenian Bitka Azanulbizar
Spanish Batalla de Azanulbizar
Swahili Mapigano ya Azanulbizar
Swedish Slaget vid Azanulbizar
Tajik Cyrillic Баттле оф Азанулбизар ?
Telugu అజనుల్బిజర్ యుద్ధం
Turkish Azanulbizar Savaşı
Turkmen Söwe ? Azanulbizar
Ukrainian Cyrillic Битва під Анулбізарі
Urdu جنگ ازانولبیزر
Uzbek Азанулбизар уруши (Cyrillic) Azanulbizar urushi (Latin)
Welsh Brwydr Azanulbizar
Yiddish שלאַכט פון אַזאַנולביזאַר
Yoruba Ogun ti Azanulbizar
Yucatec Maya Batalla u Azanulbizar

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