This article is about the the fourth king of Dale. For the first king of restored Dale, see Bard the Bowman.

Bard II was the fourth King of Dale. He was the youngest of the previous kings to rule over Dale at the age of 34 after his father's death in battle.


After the rebuilding of Dale, Bard the Bowman was the first king of restored Dale, followed by his son Bain, grandson Brand, and great-grandson Bard II, who became King of Dale after his father Brand was slain by the Easterlings in the Battle of Dale in the War of the Ring. Dale became a proud kingdom under Bard II's rule as trade between Arnor and Gondor flourished. Bard II was given his great-grandfather's bow, which slew Smaug.[1]

King of Dale
Preceded by
Bard II Succeeded by
Son of Bard II
TA 3019 - Early Fourth Age ?


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