Badger folk were legendary creatures of Middle-earth mentioned in Hobbit verse and folklore. They may have been one of the Faerie Creatures

Tom Bombadil and the Badger folk

, the Maiar servants, although this might not be true since nothing is known about their specific origins. In The Adventures of Tom BombadilTom was captured by the Badger folk and then released when he frightened them with his renowned magical chants.

Characteristics Edit

In reference to the poem, the Badger folk dwelled in secret holes or burrows under the rolling hills between the Barrow-downs and the Old Forest - similar to a Badger set or crude Hobbit-hole. These badgers were sentient and capable of speech. A notable member of the the folk, Badger-brock, was thought to be a leader as he was the one who captured Tom Bombadil and was written as having a 'snowy forehead' and 'dark, blinking eyes'.

They were said to be of badgerish nature and appearance with a slight Hobbitness about them.