Avallonë also known as the Haven of the Eldar was the city on the eastern coast of the island Elven realm of Tol Eressëa in the Far West across the Belegaer from Middle-earth.


Avallonë was founded by the Teleri at unknown time between the end of the First Age and the early Second Age. The city was probably established for those Elves who wanted to be away from the light of the Two Trees of Valinor so that they could better see the stars that they loved so much, and remember when they were in Middle-earth. The city's greatest feature was the Tower of Avallónë that dominated the scenery and whose bright illuminated quays could be seen as far as western Númenor, and held the Master Seeing Stone.

Before the days of the falling out with the Númenóreans, Avallonë was where the Elves frequently embarked from bringing gifts of enrichment and friendship from out of the West. In the days of Elendil in Middle-earth after the Fall of Númenor, it was said that he could see as far as the Tower of Avallonë when all the Palantíri were intact. Avallonë became the place where Elves arriving from Middle-earth on the Straight Road docked their ships.[2][3]


Avallonë was a Quenya word that meant 'Near Valinor'.[4]

Behind the scenes

Tolkien may have been evoking the island of Avalon in the Arthurian legends.[citation needed]

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أفالوني
Bulgarian Cyrillic Авалоне
Chinese 艾佛隆尼
Hebrew אבאלונה
Macedonian Cyrillic Авалоне
Russian Аваллонэ
Serbian Авалоне (Cyrillic) Avalone (Latin)
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