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Quest of Erebor

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The Attack on Lake-town was a skirmish between the Orcs, the Elves, Dwarves, and Bard's family during the Quest of Erebor.


After Thorin II Oakenshield and his company left the city of Esgaroth, Fili, Oin and Bofur stayed behind to look after Kili, who was suffering a terrible illness due to the infection when Bolg shot him with morgul arrow. The four Dwarves stayed in Bard's house until they were attacked by Bolg and his orcs, who were following the company's trail. When all seemed lost, Tauriel and Legolas arrived in time to save the dwarves and Bard's children, and engaged the orcs. During the skirmish Legolas kills Fimbul and chases after Bolg while Tauriel stays behind to save Kili from dying. Legolas fight off against Bolg in a brutal duel, but was savagely beaten and even made to bleed, allowing the Orc leader to escape.