At the Sign of the Prancing Pony is the ninth chapter of Book One of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Plot Edit

The Hobbits reach the The Prancing Pony inn at Bree, where Frodo uses a false name, Underhill. Later, after singing a song on a table, he trips and accidentally puts the ring on his finger, disappearing, which causes a commotion.

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Dutch In 'De Steigerende Pony'
Finnish Pomppivan ponin majatalossa
German Im Gasthaus zum Tänzelnden Pony
Hungarian A Pajkos Pónihoz címzett fogadóban
Italian All'insegna del Puledro impennato
Polish Pod Rozbrykanym Kucykiem
Portuguese No Pônei Saltitante (Brazil)

A tabuleta do Garrano Empinado (Portugal)

Russian На баннере Гарцующий Пони
Ukrainian Cyrillic Під вивіскою Гарцюючий поні
Vietnamese Quán Con ngựa nhảy
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