Arossiach was a ford on the river Aros, where along it ran a long and hard road that ran through the lands just north of Doriath and finally into Himlad.

The ford was generally thought to mark the bounty between the lands of Dor Dínen and Himlad.[1]


Arossiach is a Sindarin word that meant 'Fords of Aros' or 'Aros-ford'.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Bengali আরসিয়াছ
Gujarati એરોસિયાચ
Hebrew ארוסיאך
Hindi आरोस्सिअछ
Marathi अरोसियाच
Punjabi ਅਰੋਸਿਆਚ
Russian Ароссиах
Serbian Аросиах (Cyrillic) Arosiah (Latin)

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