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Arondir was a Silvan Elf of the Second Age.


Arondir grew up in Beleriand, perhaps near the Mouths of Sirion, before its destruction. By the Second Age he was stationed in the Southlands of Middle-earth, for the Silvan Elves watched the land's inhabitants to ensure they did not revert to evil as their ancestors had done in serving Morgoth. Arondir remained in the Southlands for 79 years, during that time becoming acquainted with and falling in love with the woman Bronwyn, who lived in Tirharad, though her son Theo viewed the Elf with suspicion.

Arondir speaks to Bronwyn - TRoP

Arondir finds a moment to speak to Bronwyn

After being confronted by Rowan in Tirharad's tavern, Arondir briefly spoke to Bronwyn before leaving quickly to avoid attention. He returned to the watchtower of Ostirith with Médhor, who warned him of the dangers of pursuing a relationship with a human, though Arondir dismissed his concerns. It was then that a messenger from High King Gil-galad came, bearing news that the occupation of the Southlands was to end. Noticeably perturbed, Arondir was visited by the Watchwarden Revion, who urged him to be encouraged at the thought of returning home.

Instead of leaving with his fellow Elves, Arondir returned to Bronwyn, just as a farmer brought his cow to Bronwyn for medical attention. Arondir discovered that instead of milk, a foul black substance came from the cow's udders, and alarmed, he left to investigate where the cow had been grazing. Bronwyn accompanied him towards Hordern. They reached the settlement at dusk to discover it had been burned and ransacked, though no casualties or survivors were to be seen. In one of the houses, the two discovered a tunnel opening, which Arondir entered to investigate further. After being forced to crawl part of the way, Arondir was suddenly grabbed by Orcs and taken prisoner. He was taken to a large trench, where he discovered the other Silvan Elves to be imprisoned as well and made to dig. This endeavor was learned to be the mysterious individual Adar's mission to find a sword-hilt forged by Morgoth.

Arondir in captivity - TRoP

Arondir while in captivity under Magrot

At length, Arondir and the other Elves refused to cut down a tree in the way of the Orcs' excavation, and the overseer Magrot killed Médhor as punishment. This incited a revolt, which, after much bloodshed, ended with the deaths of Revion and several others, though Arondir mortally wounded Magrot. Arondir's execution was stayed in order that he might be presented to Adar himself. Adar ended Magrot's suffering before speaking to Arondir, and while he avoided revealing his identity, spoke of his time in Beleriand before its destruction. Adar then released Arondir so that he might relay his ultimatum to the people of Tirharad, that if they would not swear fealty, he would destroy them.

Upon hearing the news, the man Waldreg led around half of Tirharad's former inhabitants to accept Adar's offer, leaving the remainder in the watchtower of Ostirith. Arondir remained with them and was given the dark sword-hilt by Theo, who had found it some weeks prior. Bronwyn desired to give Adar the hilt in hopes he would spare them, though Arondir dissuaded her, devising instead a plan in which the remaining villagers retreated, and the watchtower intentionally destroyed once Adar entered. Arondir remained by himself to execute the plan, which worked, though Adar survived. The villagers retreated back to the emptied Tirharad and prepared for Adar's army to return. With some ingenuity, the villagers fought off the initial attack - Arondir himself narrowly surviving an assault from a huge Orc - only to find the advance party to be their own kinsmen who had followed Waldreg. Adar's main army then easily overwhelmed the villagers, and Adar acquired the sword-hilt by threatening to kill Bronwyn; Theo handing it over to save his mother. Just then a force of Númenóreans arrived, led by Míriel, Galadriel, and Halbrand, causing Adar to flee. Arondir joined the new arrivals in fighting the Orcs, pausing to point Adar out to Galadriel.

Arondir & Theo at Tirharad - TRoP

Arondir and Theo after meeting Galadriel at Tirharad

He was present at a celebration held after Adar and his Orcs were defeated, and given what was believed to be the sword-hilt, which Galadriel had recovered from Adar. Arondir spoke to Theo, attempting to encourage the boy, who felt that he had lost his significance after losing the sword-hilt. Arondir gave Theo the parcel so that he might be the one to get rid of it, but Theo discovered it to be a ruse, for Adar had switched the hilt for a decoy. In the meantime, Waldreg had taken the real hilt to Ostirith and unlocked a dam, which funneled the water towards Orodruin and caused it to erupt. Arondir helped the survivors of the fallout to return to the Númenóreans' camp, where he was reunited with Bronwyn and Theo. He afterwards spoke to Galadriel and Bronwyn, learning of Brownyn's plans to lead the Southlanders to Pelargir.


Behind the scenes

The character was created for the TV series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and as such is non-canonical. He is portrayed by Ismael Cruz Córdova.

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