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Argon was the fourth child and the youngest son of Fingolfin, the High King of the Ñoldor in Beleriand. He was one of the mighty Prince of the Noldor in Tirion, Valinor. Furthermore, Argon grew up in Valinor, until later, the Noldor went into exile for Middle-earth where he journeyed with his father Fingolfin and all of his siblings as well.

Biography Edit

Brave Heart - Children of Fingolfin

From left to right: Fingon, Turgon, Aredhel, and Argon

Argon was therefore the last child and the third son of Fingolfin and Anairë who was also of the Noldor. Argon was the younger brother of Fingon, Turgon, and Aredhel his elder sister. He was most likely born in Tirion during the Years of the Trees. He was described to be the tallest of his brothers and most impetuous. He followed his father through Helcaraxë and set foot on Middle-earth during the First Age. During the Battle of Lhammoth, Argon hewed a path through the foes and killed the orc captain, before he himself was slain.[1]

Argon was less than 1381 years old when he was killed - a young age for an Elf. His death was the first signs of the Doom of Mandos

Etymology Edit

Arakáno thus never received a true Sindarin name, but Argon was later devised for him in the records. It is recorded that this later became a popular name under the Eldar. His Quenya name was Arakáno ("High Commander"), named so partially for his character.[2]

House of FingolfinEdit

House of Fingolfin


Other versions of the legendarium Edit

Argon does not appear in the published The Silmarillion at all, as he only came to light in very late writings by Tolkien. His death has been changed twice; Tolkien intended for Argon to die during the Kinslaying at Alqualondë, but then later changed it to Argon perishing while crossing the Helcaraxë.[2]

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Chinese (Hong Kong) 亞岡
Korean 아르곤

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