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Elves in Araman, by Filat

Araman was the narrow northern coastland of Aman, north of Valinor, that lay outside the mountain-fence of the Pelóri.

It was deserted, mountainous, and frozen because of its neighbouring with the Helcaraxë, joining it with Beleriand. The land may have consisted of tundra, but was dark in the age of the Two Trees, so might well have been totally desolate.[1][2]


Araman was the way Melkor, and later the Ñoldor, took after their exile. Araman was the place where the departing Ñoldor heard the Prophecy of the North from a dark figure standing on a rock. After hearing the doom that would lay upon them if they continued to rebel, the host divided into those following Fëanor who were resolved to return to Middle-earth after Morgoth to recover the Silmarils, and those who followed Finarfin who returned to Tirion and repented their rebellion and chose to live in peace ever after in the Undying Lands.[3]


Araman is a Quenya word that meant 'Outside Aman'.[4]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ዓራማን
Arabic إرامان
Armenian Արաման
Belarusian Cyrillic Араман
Bengali আরামান
Bulgarian Cyrillic Араман
Danish Araman ("udenfor Aman")
Georgian არამანი
Greek Αραμαν
Gujarati અરમાન
Hebrew אראמאן
Hindi आरमन
Japanese アラマン
Kannada ಅರಾಮನ್
Kazakh Араман (Cyrillic) Araman (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Араман
Macedonian Cyrillic Араман
Marathi अरमान
Mongolian Cyrillic Араман
Nepalese अरमान
Pashto آرامان
Persian ارامان
Russian Араман
Sanskrit आरमन्
Serbian Араман (Cyrillic) Araman (Latin)
Sinhalese අරමන්
Tajik Cyrillic Араман
Tamil ஆரமந்
Telugu ఆరమన
Thai าระมะน
Ukrainian Cyrillic Араман
Urdu ارامان
Uzbek Араман (Cyrillic) Araman (Latin)
Yiddish ײַראַמאַן
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