Anything You Can Imagine is a biography of Peter Jackson's making of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, by writer Ian Nathan. It gives a detailed history of the first trilogy from conception to its Oscar-winning and covers every aspect of the productions of both trilogies.

Published by HarperCollins on May 2018, it serves as a distant follow-up to Brian Sibley's Peter Jackson: A Film-maker's Journey (2006).

Table of contents

• Foreword by Andy Serkis

• Prologue

1. Sillification (previous attempts to adapt the book)

2. An Unexpected Director (Jackson's previous movies)

3. Many Meetings (finding a financier)

4. Words and Pictures (script and visualizing Middle-earth)

5. Concerning Hobbits (casting of the hobbits)

6. Heavenly Creatures (casting of the rest of the Fellowship)

7. Jamboree (principal photography)

8. Miramar's Mecca of Merry Souls (Weta Workshop)

9. Proof of Concept

10. The Monsters and the Critics

11. To the Edge of the World

12. Junkie


14. Return to the Edge of the World

15. The Music of Middle-earth

16. King of a Golden Hall

17. Legacy of the Ring

18. There and Back Again

19. Augmented Reality

• Afterword

• Acknowledgements

• Bibliography

• Index

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