Books ten and eleven of The History of Middle-earth return to the Silmarillion material, including the Annals of Beleriand, first featured in The Shaping of Middle-earth by Christopher Tolkien.

Book contents:

  • 1. Prose fragments following the Lost Tales — brief, uncompleted texts which continue on from The Book of Lost Tales
  • 2. The earliest "Silmarillion" — also referred to as the "Sketch of the Mythology", this is the start of the Silmarillion proper
  • 3. The Quenta — a further developed version of the "Sketch", the first full narrative since the Tales
  • 4. The first "Silmarillion" map — a reproduction of the first map of Beleriand
  • 5. The Ambarkanta — cosmological essays, maps, and diagrams
  • 6. The earliest Annals of Valinor
  • 7. The earliest Annals of Beleriand


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic حوليات بيليرياند
Belarusian Cyrillic Аналы Белеріанда
Catalan Annals d'Beleriand
Chinese 貝爾蘭年刊
Czech Beleriandská kronika
Dutch Annalen van Beleriand
Esperanto Analoj de Beleriand
Finnish Beleriandin annaalit
French Annales d'Beleriand
Frisian Annalen fan Beleriand (Western)
Galician Anais de Beleriand
Georgian ბელერიანდის მატიანე
German Annalen von Beleriand
Hebrew דברי ימי בלריאנד
Indonesian Tawarikh Beleriand
Irish Gaelic Annála Beleriand
Italian Annali dell'Beleriand
Korean 벨레리안드 편년사
Latvian Beleriand annāles
Lithuanian Beleriando analai
Norwegian Beleriand-annalene
Polish Kroniki Beleriand
Portuguese Anais de Beleriand
Russian Анналы Белерианда
Scots Annals o Beleriand
Serbian Белерианд анали (Cyrillic) Beleriand anali (Latin)
Spanish Anales de Beleriand
Swedish Beleriand-krönikan
Turkish Beleriand Yıllıkları
Ukrainian Cyrillic Аннали Белеріанд
Welsh Annála Beleriand
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