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Angmar, Malmö Tolkiensällskap is a Swedish Tolkien Society based in the city of Malmö.


Angmar, Malmö Tolkiensällskap was formed from Forodrim. They are apparently both a literary and social Tolkien Society engaging in language studies as social gatherings such as: games, arts, crafts, and dance. The society published a magazine known as Certhas Angmar which they may have discontinued by 2010.

They are structured into seven guilds.

Their website is presented in Swedish only.


  • The Language Guild (Språkgillet)
  • Equipment/Decoration Guild (Rustgillet)
  • Gaming Guild (Spelgillet)
  • Elf-guild (Alvgillet)
  • Dance Guild (Dansgillet)
  • Food and Wine (Mat & Vingille" eller "Gästabudet)
  • Bow Guild (?)

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