Angbor was a Man of Gondor and the Lord of Lamedon at the end of the Third Age and beginning of the Fourth Age.

Biography Edit

During the last months of the War of the Ring, Angbor was met by Aragorn when the latter arrived from the Paths of the Dead. He was in battle with the Corsairs of Umbar, when the Army of the Dead gave their aid. Angbor was the only man who had courage enough to meet with Aragorn, who instructed him to gather his men and ride to the aid of Minas Tirith. It was later mentioned that he and his men arrived at Minas Tirith during the time Aragorn and company left for the Black Gate. It was Aragorn who named Angbor "the Fearless".[1][2]

Etymology Edit

Angbor is a Sindarin word meaning "iron fist".[3]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Armenian Անգբոր
Belarusian Cyrillic Ангбор
Bengali অংগবোৰ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Ангбор
Chinese (Hong Kong) 安格伯
Georgian ანგბორი
Greek Άνγκμπορ
Gujarati અંગબોર
Hindi अन्क्बोर
Macedonian Cyrillic Ангбор
Marathi अंगोर
Russian Ангбор
Sinhalese ඇග්බර්
Tajik Cyrillic Ангбор
Tamil அங்கபோர்
Telugu అఙ్బొర
Lords of Gondor
Imrahil | Duinhir | Hirluin | Forlong | Angbor | Golasgil

References Edit

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