Andwise Roper, also known as Andy, was a Hobbit of the Shire.

History Edit

Andwise was the uncle of Samwise Gamgee. He was the first child of Hobson Gamgee and Rowan Greenhand and was born in TA 2923 (SR 1323). He had three younger siblings - Halfred, May and Hamfast (the father of Sam). Andwise was commonly known as Andy and had a son named Anson, who was born in TA 2961.

Andwise and his father, Hobson, were both rope-makers and owned a Rope-walk in the village of Tighfield. When Hobson Gamgee died in TA 2984, Andwise took over the rope-walk. He taught Samwise Gamgee some of his knowledge of ropes.

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