The Andrast, also known as Ras Morthil, was a long cape in the farthest south-west of Gondor in Middle-earth.

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The White Mountains ended their southward bend at the Andrast, and as such it formed an effective barrier to invaders from the north for Gondor. The Drúedain lands actually extended north along the coast on to the rivers Adorn and Angren, and were collectively known as Drúwaith Iaur or "Old Púkel land".

The climate hovered near the moderate and the extreme with mild winters and hot, dry summers and the terrain consisted of scattered woodlands.[1][2][3]

History Edit

Andrast Map

The location of Andrast on a map.

The Andrast was nominally part of Gondor, but it was not populated by the Númenóreans. At the end of the Third Age, it was believed the area was still populated by tribes of the Drúedain and other hostile men. The Drúedain were notorious for using poisoned Arrows.

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Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أندراست ?
Hungarian Hosszúfok
Russian Андраст
Serbian Андраст (Cyrillic) Andrast (Latinised)
Urdu انڈراسٹ

References Edit

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