Andúnië was an important port city on the western coast of Númenor, located on the Bay of Andúnië in the Andustar region.[1] It was one of Númenor's chief cities before the coming of the Shadow.


Andúnië was the home of the Lords of Andúnië descended from Valandil, the well-known and well-respected nobles of Númenor. The port city was where the Númenóreans received their Elven friends from Tol Eressëa bearing gifts of enrichment, in the time before the shadow fell over Númenor. During the time after the King Tar-Ancalimon, Andúnië became a haven of the Elf-friends (also known as The Faithful) who advocated a continued friendship with the Elves and obedience to the Valar.

As the mistrust of the Faithful and the Valar grew, the residents of Andúnië would receive the Elves as guests only in secret. With the Shadow falling further upon Númenor and its people, Armenelos became much larger and more important than Andúnie. By the latter-half of the Second Age, many of the Faithful from Andúnië were so mistrusted by the King's Men that they were forcibly removed from the city, and made to live in Rómenna.

Amandil, the last of the Lords of Andunie, through his surviving elder son Elendil became the ancestor of the Kings of the Dúnedain who settled in Middle-earth. The city was destroyed along with Númenor.[2][1]


Andúnië was a Quenya word that meant 'Sunset'.[3][4]



Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic اندوني
Armenian Անդոնիը
Belarusian Cyrillic Андуниэ
Bengali আনদুনিয়ে
Bulgarian Cyrillic Андуние
Chinese 安督尼埃
Georgian ანდუნიე
Greek Ανδονιε
Gujarati એન્ડુનિયા
Hebrew אנדונייה
Hindi आन्दुनिए
Japanese アンドゥーニエ
Kannada ಅಂಡೂನಿ
Kazakh Андұніе (Cyrillic) Andunie (Latin)
Macedonian Cyrillic Андуние
Mongolian Cyrillic Андуниё
Nepalese आन्दुनिए
Persian آندونیه
Russian Андуниэ
Serbian Андуние (Cyrillic) Andunie (Latin)
Sinhalese ආඳුනිඑ
Tajik Cyrillic Андуние
Tamil ஆந்துநிஎ
Telugu అందునియె
Ukrainian Cyrillic Андуніе
Urdu اندنی
Yiddish ײַנדוניע


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