Anarrima was one of the constellations of stars set in the heavens of Arda by Varda.


Anarrima was created by Varda from the ancient stars in preparation for the Awakening of the Elves and as with Wilwarin, Soronúmë, and Menelmacar, she set them in the heavens as signs to come.[1][2]


In Quenya, Anarrima means "Sun-border", from anar ("sun") and rima ("edge, border").[3]

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أناريما
Belarusian Cyrillic Анарыма
Bulgarian Cyrillic Анарима
Chinese 阿纳里马
Georgian ანარრიმა
Greek Αναρριμα
Gujarati આનર્રિમ
Hebrew אנארימה
Hindi अनारीमा
Japanese アナリマ
Kannada ಅನಾರಿಮಾ
Kazakh Анаррима (Cyrillic) Anarrïma (Latin)
Korean 애나리 마
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Анаррима
Macedonian Cyrillic Анаррима
Malayalam അനാരിമ
Marathi अनारिमा
Mongolian Cyrillic Анарима
Pashto اناررایم
Persian انآریما
Punjabi ਅਨਾਰੀਮਾ
Russian Анаррима
Serbian Анаррима (Cyrillic) Anarrima (Latin)
Sinhalese අනරිමා
Tajik Cyrillic Анаррима
Tamil அனற்றிமா
Telugu అనర్రిమా
Ukrainian Cyrillic Анарріма
Urdu اناررام
Yiddish אַנאַנרימאַ


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