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An Unexpected Party is the second mission of Sierra Entertainment's 2003 video game The Hobbit.


"Despite his fear something awoke within Bilbo. He wanted to visit distant land, explore caves and carry a sword instead of a walking stick. For his own astonishment. Bilbo agreed to go."

The mission starts with Gandalf asking Bilbo Baggins to go meet the dwarves at the Green Dragon inn and retreive his walking stick from his chest. Outside Bag End Bilbo notices a hole in his pocket. On his way to Green dragon he needs to find Gammer's quilting needle, move Hanna's Butter Churn, play hide and seek with the four hobbit children called Hamfast, Bell, Hilda, and Sadoc. Help Sandyman fix the bridge by getting him a hammer from Carl Sandyman and three bundles of nails from the mill, scare off the crows for Holbert, Sneak into Hobart's garden and steal berries, sneak into the chicken coop and steal three eggs, open Lorella's locked chest's and collect provisions (Sugar, spice, wheat, three berries, three eggs, three apples, sausages and tea- cakes) for Bombur and finally enter the door to the Green Dragon.


  • Meet the Dwarves                                                                  
  • Retrieve walking stick
  • Find Gammer's quilting needle
  • Move Hanna's Butter churn
  • Find the four hobbit children
  • Help fix Bridge
    • Bring hammer
    • Bring three bundles of nails
  • Bring Provisions for Bombur
    • Bring Sugar
    • Bring Spice
    • Bring Wheat
    • Bring three berries
    • Bring three eggs
    • Bring three apples
    • Bring sausages
    • Bring Tea-cakes
  • Open Lorella's locked chests
  • Scare off the crows

Hiding moments

  • Hobart's garden: Bilbo must steal three berries fom Hobart's garden for Bombur. If Hobart sees him you are caught, wait till Hobart circles around and sneak past him fast.
  • Chicken coop: Bilbo must steal three eggs from the chicken coop for Bombur. Bilbo must stay off the creacky boards do not alert the chicken's. When the chickens wake they will chase Bilbo out of the coop. Bilbo doesn't have the ring yet.

Characters and items


Character Name Character Description

Gandalf Stormcrow

Gandalf is the first character you meet in the game. He sends Bilbo to meet the other dwarves at the Green Dragon.


Gammer is an older Hobbit who has lost her quilting needle. It is optional to retrieve the needle which is located behind a haystack next to the scarecrows.


Hanna is a young hobbit woman who asks Bilbo to move her butter churn.


Hamfast is a hobbit boy who is found back inside a gate back by Hanna & Gammer. Upon being found he asks why one of the other hobbit girls keeps bothering him so much.


Bell is a hobbit girl that is found in the upper part of the barn, you can get to her by jumping on the windmill. Bell says she likes Hamfast and not to tell anyone.


Hilda is a hobbit girl who is found near the dock at the end of the river. She spreads gossip about Bell liking Hamfast.


Sadoc is a hobbit boy found around stacks of hay by the chicken coop, he thinks Bilbo is too good at the hide and seek game.


Sandyman claims the bridge to cross to the Green Dragon Inn is out. He asks Bilbo to find his hammer and nails which he saw his son Carl playing by the waterfall with.


Carl is a Hobbit boy that is found at the top of the rocks and waterfall toward the back of the barn. Once you talk to him he gives you the hammer Sandyman needs to build his bridge and says he'll have to find something else to play with.


Lorella is a Hobbit woman who knows Bilbo and asks him that if he picks the locks in the back chests, he can help himself to all the spices he wants. Once Bilbo opens the chests Lorella says that Bilbo has some of his mothers "Tookish" blood in him.


Holman is a local male hobbit across the bridge who chats with Biblo.


Holbet is a black-haired hobbit man who asks Bilbo to scare away the crows in his wheat field. Once clearing the crows away Bilbo is rewarded a sack of wheat.


Bombur greets Bilbo once the bridge is fixed, when you collect provisional supplies and give them to Bombur, he gives you courage points. For more courage points, return each food item to Bombur at a time to get double the rewards.


Kili is one of the dwarves who meets Bilbo by the Green Dragon Inn.


Item Name Item Description
Walking Stick


The Walking Stick is one of Bilbo's important weapons in the game, he uses it to pole vault and fight enemies. It is located in Bilbo's house in a wooden chest.
Tea Cakes

Tea cakes 2 copy

When moving Hanna's Butter Churn onto her porch Hanna rewards Bilbo with these.
Quilting Needle

Sewing needle

The quilting needle is located behind a pile of hay by where Bilbo scares away the three groups of crows. Return the quilting needle to Gamma for a reward of Sausages.


The three apples are located on top of the cliffs that Bilbo pushes a rock to climb. Once Bilbo get's to the apple trees, he must use his throwing rocks for the first time in order to get them down.

Saucages copy

You get sausages from Gammer for returning her quilting needle for her.
Sack of Wheat

Sack of wheat copy

You get a sack of wheat from Holbert in return for scaring away the scarecrows that swarm his wheat field.


Retrieve 3 eggs from the chicken coop by walking around the squeaky dark boards.

Spice copy

you can get the spices by solving the puzzle behind Lorella's stand.

Sugar copy

the sugar is found behind Lorella's food stand and requires a puzzle to solve.

3 nails copy

the three nails required to fix the Handyman's bridge are located in the barn across the rope in three breakable jars.


The Hammer is required by going up to the waterfalls and talking to Hamfast for it.


the 4 blueberries are gotten by sneaking past Holbart, when Bilbo gets detected goes into a long speech so it is recommended you wait for Holman to pass before getting the berries.


Bilbo first learns and gathers the throwing stones when climbing the cliffs to get the apples. He can hold 10 at a time, and gradually can go up to 20 rocks. Bilbo aims before throwing his stones.
Health Potion

Health potion

the first health potion is found right next to Hamfast by the water-falls.


the mushrooms are found on a rock at the top of the waterfall jumping to Hamfast.


coins and pennies can be found throughout the game, sometimes in plain site, other hidden or in hard to reach chests.


Enemy Name Enemy Description


Scare away the three packs of crows with the walking stick in order to receive a sack of wheat from Holbert. You must hit each flock of crows three times in order to shoo them away.


You must sneak past five groups of chickens in order to get the three eggs in the chicken coop. If you squeak on the boards three times, the chickens wake up from sleeping and drive you away forcing you to the next save point.


Hobart is a hobbit that guards the berry patch by walking around it, stopping at certain points. Bilbo can wait for him to turn the corner and get the berries. If Bilbo get's caugh sneaking around the berry patch, Holbert goes into a long speech about hobbit subjects forcing you to restart the gathering at the next save point.

Absent characters

In the beginning of the level in Bilbo's home, there are a few pictures hanging on the wall. These characters are only in the pictures and don't appear anywhere else in the game. Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took were Bilbo's parents, Falco Chubb , Bingo Baggins , Linda Baggins , Belba Baggins and Laura Grubb were his extended family.

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