Amroth's House was the seat of Amroth, the last King of Lórien.

The house was described as a high house[1] and was a flet in the tall Mallorn trees of Cerin Amroth.[2]


The house was probably built after the death of Amdír in SA 3434.[3] From here, Amroth ruled his kingdom for almost two thousand years. After Amroth and Nimrodel left Lórien and then were known to have been lost in TA 1981[4], the house no doubt fell into decay and was lost and was no longer standing when the Fellowship came to Cerin Amroth. The Elves of Lórien considered the time the house stood and Amroth ruled as the happiest times ever in Lórien which were long since gone by 3019 when the Fellowship came there.[1]


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