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Amon Hen was a hill in the Emyn Muil at Nen Hithoel's west. At its summit was the ruined structure known as the Seat of Seeing.


The hill stood above the western banks of the Anduin, and was one of three peaks at the southern end of the long lake Nen Hithoel above the Falls of Rauros, the other two hills being Amon Lhaw and Tol Brandir. At the hill's eastern foot lay the lawn of Parth Galen, adjacent to the Anduin.[1]

The Seat of Seeing was built at the summit of Amon Hen, close to the earlier northern borders of Gondor, where it long served as a watchtower.[1]


Amon Hen was first fortified in the early days of Gondor, perhaps even as early as the Second Age. Aragorn says that it and its counterpart hill were made " the days of the great kings", the precise dating is open to interpretation,[2] but major fortifications were erected in the area by Rómendacil II.

The Company of the Ring stopped and camped at Amon Hen after having travelled down the Anduin in the year TA 3019, and it was here that the Fellowship broke apart, with Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee crossing the river on their way east to Mordor. This was also the place where Boromir died in battle. Frodo sat on the Seat of Seeing and immediately he was able to see telescopically for hundreds of miles in all directions, possibly due to its magical properties. It was at this point that Frodo made his choice to go to Mordor.[2][1]


Amon Hen is Sindarin for 'Hill of the Eye'.



Foreign Language Translated name
Belarusian Cyrillic Амон Хен
Bulgarian Cyrillic Амон Хен
Chinese (Hong Kong) 阿摩漢
Danish Amon Hen ("Den Skuende Bakke")
Georgian ამონ ჰენი
Hebrew אמון הן
Persian آمون-هن
Russian Амон Хэн