Amarië was a Vanyar Elf of Valinor in Aman.


Amarië did not follow her love, Finrod, in his journey to Middle-earth. She and Finrod were betrothed, but he never married while in Middle-earth. It is noted in the Lay of Leithian that Finrod was soon allowed to return to life in Valinor and "now dwells with Amarië", so they probably were wed later - but there is no such information in The Silmarillion.[1]


The meaning of the name Amarië is unclear. It is possible her name came from the Quenyan word már, meaning "home", perhaps referring to her home in Aman. It is also possible that her name originated from the Quenyan words mára, meaning "good", and ien, which is a feminine ending.[citation needed]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أماري
Armenian Ամարիը
Belarusian Cyrillic Амаріе
Bengali আমারই
Bulgarian Cyrillic Амарие
Cambodian អាម៉ារី។
Chinese 雅瑪瑞伊
Gujarati અમારી
Hebrew אמארייה
Greek Αμαρίέ
Japanese アマリー
Korean 아마리
Macedonian Cyrillic Амарие
Marathi अमारी
Mongolian Cyrillic Амариэ
Persian اماری
Russian Амариэ
Serbian Амарие (Cyrillic) Amarie (Latin)
Sinhalese අමරී
Tajik Cyrillic Амарие
Tamil அமரி
Telugu అమరియే
Ukrainian Cyrillic Амаріе
Urdu اماری
Yiddish אַמאַריע


  1. The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter XV: "Of the Noldor in Beleriand"
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