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Alqualondë, also known as Haven of the Swans or simply the Haven, was the chief city of the Falmari Elves on the shores of Aman.


The location of Alqualondë

This city was north and east of Tirion, between the Calacirya and Araman in northern Eldamar.[2]

It was built in a natural harbor made of rock on the eastern shores of Aman. Other than the great harbor it also housed the Tower of Olwë. The city was decorated with pearls which the Teleri found in the seas, and jewels which they obtained from the Ñoldor. Until the Kinslaying, the city was one of the most peaceful and tranquil places in all of Aman- truly synonymous with elven bliss. It was always alive with song from the fair voices of the Teleri, and after Valinor became silent with the death of the Two Trees, the only good sounds that could still be heard were coming from this fair coastal haven.[3]

The city was walled, and the entrance to the harbor had an arch of "living stone".[4]


The Teleri under Olwë crossed the Sea and initially settled on Tol Eressëa. However, after being drawn by the light, the Teleri abandoned Eressëa. In YT 1161, the construction of Alqualondë began by the Teleri, and the Ñoldor under Finwë assisted them, strengthening their friendship.[1]

In YT 1495, Fëanor son of Finwë rebelled against the Valar and led his household into exile. Accompanied by the the House of Fingolfin and House of Finarfin, they came upon Alqualondë, and Fëanor demanded the swan-ships of the Falmari. Olwë refused, thus the Kinslaying at Alqualondë commenced, and Fëanor and his seven sons stole the ships and killed many of the Falmari.[5]

In the last years of the First Age, Earendil and Elwing arrived in the Havens, and Elwing was befriended by the Teleri who listened to her tales of griefs in Beleriand.[6]


Alqualondë means "Haven of the Swans"[7] from the Quenya words alqua ("swan") and londë ("land-locked haven").[8]

Earlier versions of the legendarium

In earlier versions, the founding of Alqualondë was written as Valian Year 2111[9], which was likely changed, as the Teleri arrived during the Years of the Trees. Elsewhere, it was originally told that Arakáno, youngest son of Fingolfin, died at the first Kinslaying. This was later corrected by Christopher Tolkien, who made it that Arakáno died at the Battle of the Lammoth instead.[10]

The first mentions in Tolkien's writings of Alqualondë and the Kinslaying are given in the seventh chapter of The Book of Lost Tales Part One.


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic الكوالوندي
Armenian Ալկվալոնդե
Belarusian Cyrillic Альквалондэ
Bengali আলকুলদে
Bulgarian Cyrillic Алкуалонде
Chinese (Hong Kong) 澳闊隆迪
Danish Alqualondë (Svanehavnen)
Georgian ალქუალონდე
Greek Άλκουαλόντε
Gujarati આલ્કલોંડ
Hebrew אלקולונדה
Hindi अल्क़ुअलोन्द्ऐ
Hungarian Hattyúk Kikötője
Japanese アルクウァロンデ
Kannada ಆಲ್ಕಲಾಂಡ್
Kazakh Алқұалонде (Cyrillic) Alqualonde (Latin)
Korean 알쿠알론데
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Алqуалондэ
Macedonian Cyrillic Алqуалонде
Marathi आल्क्लॉंड
Mongolian Cyrillic Алqуалондэ
Nepalese आल्क़ुअलोन्दे
Persian آلکوالونده
Punjabi ਅਲਕਲੋਂਡ
Russian Альквалондэ
Sinhalese ඇල්කලෝන්ඩ්
Serbian Алкуалонде (Cyrillic) Alqualonde (Latin)
Tajik Cyrillic Алқуалонде
Tamil அழகுஅலண்டே
Telugu అలుక్కుల్లోనుండి
Thai อัลควาลอนเด
Ukrainian Cyrillic Альквалонде
Urdu القولوندی
Yiddish אַלקוואַלאָנדע
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