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Aldburg was one of the oldest settlements of Rohan. It was recorded to have been built by Eorl in the region known as the Folde, some miles to the southeast of Edoras. It was therefore Rohan's first capital. Though Eorl's son Brego moved the capital to Edoras, Aldburg remained a seat of noblemen.[1]

At the time of the War of the Ring, it was the home of King Théoden's nephew Éomer, who was the third Marshal of the Mark.[1]


Aldburg was an Old English word that meant 'Old Fortress'.

Portrayal in adaptations

In The Lord of the Rings Online Aldburg is the capital town of the Eastfold, ruled by Eomer in time of peace. After Eomer departs to war, the defense of Aldburg falls to his steward Arcil, who is often in disagreement with Eomer's cousin Éothain. Because Edoras is evacuated early in the story and all its inhabitants move to Dunharrow, Aldburg and not Edoras is the in-game "capital settlement" of the West Rohan region, serving as the hub for swift travel and player activities.


Foreign Language Translated name
Hebrew אלדבורג
Russian Алдбург


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