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"Adar" is the third episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season One. It aired on September 9, 2022.



Arondir finds himself taken to an Orc enslavement camp in trenches somewhere in the Southlands, where many other humans and Elves, including Médhor and Revion had been brought after capture. A leader of the camp, Magrot, abruptly kills Médhor in jest while offering the Elves water, after Revion has argued with taskmasters Lurka and Vrath about a tree the Orcs want felled.

At the end of the episode, Arondir, Revion, and a few other Elves attempt a rebellion in the trench, tripping the taskmasters with their chains. Arondir kills a warg loosed upon them and impales Magrot in the neck with a tree-root, but Revion is shot to death after briefly climbing free out of the camp. Their attempt is quelled, and while Arondir is pinned to the ground, an Orc tells another to summon Adar. Before the credits, he comes out as Orcs bow to him and chant his name, and his face is barely seen.


Galadriel and Halbrand find themselves on a ship captained by Elendil, headed toward Númenor. They travel up the river Siril and arrive at the capital city of Armenelos. At the city's high palace, they meet Queen Regent Tar-Míriel and her chief advisor Pharazôn, amid a large company of other Númenóreans. Galadriel and Halbrand introduces themselves, and Tar-Míriel refuses to allow the two - particularly an Elf - passage back to Middle-earth as Galadriel requests.

Elendil is reluctant to let Galadriel escape Númenor when she tells him she is set on doing so, but the two establish friendship. He takes her to the kingdom's Hall of Lore, where Galadriel discovers that the sigil of Sauron she had seen is in fact an abstract, sideview map of the Southlands, which Sauron intends to make into a new, committed realm. This realm will be Mordor.

A young Isildur, Elendil's son, is seen on a ship at sea near the island, training as a naval cadet with his friends Valandil and Ontamo, and others.

After briefly working for a smithy, Halbrand is imprisoned for brutally incapacitating three of four men who had tried to mugged him in the streets of the city. At the prison, later, Galadriel tries convincing Halbrand again to accompany her to Middle-earth in order to "redeem" their blood-lines, as Sauron's endurance is the fault of the Elves who had warred against Morgoth, and of Halbrand's ancestors who were Morgoth's allies.

The Harfoots[]

The evening before the Harfoots' next migration, from their present woodland to a place called the Grove, the Stranger accidentally exposes himself to them while they are gathered commemorating their dead. Shocked at this, and angry at Nori's secret-keeping, the Harfoots confer what to do. Nori speaks out against their law concerning strangers and the outside world. On account of her youth, Sadoc Burrows forgives her deeds.

In the back of a caravan the next day, departing from the woods, Largo and Marigold Brandyfoot finally let the Stranger come along with them after he helps the family with their wagon.

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