A Dictionary of Tolkien is a glossary-book written by David Day.

The book was first published on the 1st of January 2013. The book covers all the different peoples, locations, cities etc. of Middle-earth in alphabetical order with provided explanations. The book does not give much new information, however, because almost all information is gathered from Day's previous Middle-earth compendiums.

"J.R.R. Tolkien is the father of modern fantasy. He created characters and a world so rich with details--and so unique--that it warranted a whole new vocabulary along with it. His creation of language is not surprising, considering his first civilian job following his service during World War I was working on the Oxford English Dictionary as his. Inside, you’ll find a chronology of Tolkien’s life, along with a short biography and an explanation of his writings. Then flip through the dictionary to discover terms like Aglarond, the great caverns beneath Helm’s Deep, or the Black Riders and the mystery surrounding them--among many other terms. This companion serves as a terrific resource for all those in love with Middle Earth and its inhabitants. This work is unofficial and is not authorized by the Tolkien Estate or HarperCollins Publishers."
From the publisher


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans 'N Woordeboek van Tolkien
Albanian Fjalori Tolkien
Amharic ቶልኪየን መዝገበ ቃላት
Arabic تولكين قاموس
Armenian Թոլքին Բառարան
Azerbaijani Tolkin Lüğət

تالکین سؤزلوک (South Azerbaijani)

Basque Tolkien Hiztegi
Belarusian Cyrillic Толкін Слоўнік
Bengali টলকিন অভিধান
Bosnian Tolkien Rečnik
Breton Geriadur Tolkien
Bulgarian Cyrillic Речник на Толкин
Cambodian វចនានុក្រមតូលគីន
Catalan Un diccionari de Tolkien
Chinese 托爾金词典
Croatian Tolkien Rječnik
Czech Tolkien Slovník
Danish Tolkien-ordbogen
Dutch Een Woordenboek van Tolkien
Estonian Tolkien Sõnaraamat
Faroese Tolkien Orðabók
Filipino Isang diksyunaryo ng Tolkien
Finnish Tolkien-sanakirja
French Un dictionnaire de Tolkien
Galician Un dicionario de Tolkien
Georgian ტოლკინი ლექსიკონი
German Ein Wörterbuch von Tolkien
Gujarati ટોલ્કિઅન શબ્દકોશ
Hausa Ƙamus Tolkien
Hebrew טולקין מילון
Hindi का एक शब्दकोश टोल्किन
Hungarian Tolkien Szótár
Icelandic Tolkien Orðabók
Indonesian Tolkien Kamus
Irish Gaelic A Foclóir Tolkien
Italian Un dizionario d'Tolkien
Japanese トールキン辞書
Javanese Kamus Tolkien
Kannada ಟೊಲ್ಕಿನ್ ನಿಘಂಟು
Kazakh Толкиен Сөздік (Cyrillic) Tolkïen Sözdik (Latin)
Korean 톨킨사전
Kurdish Tolkien Ferheng (Kurmanji Kurdish)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Толкин Сөздүк
Latvian Tolkien Vārdnīca
Lithuanian Tolkien Žodynas
Luxembourgish E Dictionnaire vum Tolkien
Macedonian Cyrillic Толкин Речник
Malaysian Tolkien Kamus
Manx Yn Tolkien Fockleyr
Marathi टॉल्कीन शब्दकोश
Mongolian Cyrillic Толкин толь бичиг
Nepalese टोकियन शब्दकोश
Norwegian Tolkien-ordboken
Pashto تولکین قاموس
Persian تالکین فرهنگ لغت
Polish Tolkien Słownik
Portuguese Um dicionário de Tolkien
Punjabi ਟੋਲਕੀਅਨ ਕੋਸ਼
Romanian Un dicționar de Tolkien
Russian Словарь Толкина
Scottish Gaelic A Faclair Tolkien
Serbian Толкин Речник (Cyrillic) Tolkin Rečnik (Latin)
Shona Duramahwi reTolkien
Sinhalese ටොල්කියන් ශබ්දකෝෂය
Slovak Tolkien Slovník
Slovenian Tolkien Slovar
Somalian Tolkien Qaamuus
Spanish Un diccionario de Tolkien
Sundanese Kamus Tolkien
Swahili Kamusi ya Tolkien
Swedish Tolkien-ordboken
Tajik Cyrillic Толкиен Луғат
Tamil டோல்கீன் அகராதி
Telugu టోల్కీన్ నిఘంటువు
Thai โทลคีนพจนานุกรม
Turkish Tolkien Sözlük
Turkmen Tolkin Sözlük
Ukrainian Cyrillic Толкін Словник
Urdu ٹولکین لغت
Uzbek Толкиен Луғат (Cyrillic) Tolkien Lugʻat (Latin)
Vietnamese Từ điển Tolkien
Welsh Tolkien Geiriadur
Yiddish א ווערטערבוך פון טאָלקיען
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